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The weirdest experience ever in a trial

TheElderScrolls4 - The weirdest experience ever in a trial

So… Ive never had this before, at least in this way. We get into a trial group, all fine and dandy, but there was no "port on in!" Msg but I was like "oh ok must have missed it". So we're in and two people aren't there yet including me and the first trash mobs are killed- I was like whoa gimme a second holy crap. But things sped on. I was on a new character who needed some speed boosts so it wasn't very helpful as I had no chance to change my bars. Weird though

Ok now to the temple room covered in ice. Tank had already pulled all the mobs when half of us weren't in the area, usually a ready check is helpful and just a nice second to warm up. But we got pulled and some of us got killed, totally normal in that spot but it didn't help it was so fast.


Time for the first boss… and last boss. So after that spot we ran to the boss after those 3 trash nobs and suddenly I'm met with a ice door and quick loading screen, half of everyone were already at the starting reasy check point and good lord the death. So much death. I forgot what exactly killed us the first time but we did say we needed a couple moments and tank just said sonething like "you get ported in dumbass" and we were like this is out of the ordinary. I thought tank must be new, and shrugged it off. I had to myself be rezzed as I ran out of soul gems and when I awoke it aggrod boss- tank caught this and got it fast. Then out of frickin nowhere tank moves in front of us dps and wipes us with dragon breath. We aready were short of 2 people after the first wipe due to people not being ready but this was so so so weird of tank. He then no joke says"I know" "healer bumped into me" (most accurate I can remember) like- I'm sorry what?? The healer stood a but close at times to give him shards and heal him. Mistakes happen but that was so rediculous. Killing your group because someone moved near you. I think ge after was saying some shit but like- if you're tanking and can't handle someone coming near you to give shards then don't tank it. Not to mention he said he has done nSS before. Everyone leaves except for like 4 people. In which they got 2 dps in and said "get in now" in a super aggressive way.

Idk. It was so weird and if you do this to groups you're in trials with- please don't. I like to cut tanks slack, but that was just unnacceptable and wrong. I needed to vent a little I guess as I've heard of toxic attitudes like this but never been in one like this where I left utterly confused. If you were in my group and are reading this, hi, tell me what happened. Because I am so confused

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