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There is a massive problem with the state of the game and a huge disconnect from our developers.

TheElderScrolls5 - There is a massive problem with the state of the game and a huge disconnect from our developers.

Like the wolves of the past, our dear developer has once again vanished into the shadows. They are nowhere to be found, except on the occasional bug post that needs immediate attention.

80% of my matches in top 100 legend are against blue. The majority of those are Alfiq decks. Alfiq has dominated the meta since its release and what it does for the decks that play it is pretty much parallel to any of the most busted cards in the game's history. What Alfiq does for Mid Blue is akin to what Drain Vitality did for Shout Scout. In the past 24 hours, I have seen it in every deck from Tribunal to Mage, to Battlemage to Telvanni. I have seen it in more aggressive decks to people pairing it with Thorn Histmage. It just doesn't matter what they do because there is nothing that cleanly answers this card 1 for 1 and they are always guaranteed to get value, tempo, and card advantage out of that.

Did you read that? Let's talk about that last point again. Alfiq Conjurer does three things. First, card advantage. No one is going to answer this card 1 for 1. Second, tempo. The card puts 8/7 worth of stats on the board for 6 magicka, one with guard, the other with breakthrough. That's when it LOW ROLLS. Can you imagine that? The worst downside of a card 8/7 for 6 across two bodies? Where the fuck is the downside here? You give it guard so its viable against aggro and you spread out the stats so its great against control. And then the kicker? 10/9 worth of stats with a guard and a fat ward.


The truth is, I'm sick and tired of sitting here reading posts about how the meta is fine. Congrats, you won a game with an off meta deck or made it into legend or top 100. Sorry, that means absolutely nothing. The meta is flooded with mid blue decks and there is not a deck in the world that can counter them effectively. They lack balance, downside, and fun. After playing a lot this week I just can't take it anymore, the game's state is, for lack of a better term, fucking horrible.

So I have to ask, why is there no developer to player communication regarding what many players consider extremely problematic cards? These 500 word blog post "developer diaries" they write which could honestly be outsourced to anyone in creative writing for $9/hour are worthless. Tidbids of insight into the development process but nothing even slightly worth your time reading.

Further compounding the problem is Luzrah. Like Alfiq, not sure why there is so much upside attached to a card that has no downside. 2/3 for 2 in a midrange deck is totally playable just for tempo purposes alone and if you attach any sort of upside to it (Pawnbroker, Awakened Dreamer, etc) then it becomes a great card.

Further compounding the issue even more is the Ring of Magicka. Like dozens of other cards, Luzrah and Alfiq become a freight training barreling towards you at high speed that you can't stop when your opponent has the ring. If they follow it up with any reasonable 7 drop, or worse, Mighty Conjuring, there is absolutely nothing you can do.

So I have to ask:

What's the deal with Luzrah/Alfiq? Any plans to address these massively problem cards in a balance patch?

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