The Elder Scrolls

These are notes I took down as a beginner.

TheElderScrolls10 - These are notes I took down as a beginner.

I watched some beginner guides and I felt like these are the main takeaways for beginners, please correct me or add some more information in the replies section if there are any errors or things you would like to add. Heavily influenced by Brah We Got This. u/dontmindemyusername1 also had a very big helping hand in this. Also, at the time of writing, Imperial City DLC is free on the Crown store. Get it if you want


Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Undaunted.

  • It is recommended to join the 3 guilds mentioned above ASAP.
  • You can level up the Fighters Guild by killing undead, daedra or werewolves.
  • You can level up the Mages Guild by finding lorebooks.
  • You can level up Undaunted by running dungeons and Undaunted pledges.

Psijic Order (Summerset DLC)

Dark Brotherhood (Dark Brotherhood DLC)

Thieves Guild (Thieves Guild DLC)

  • You can join the 3 base game guilds in the starter city of each alliance.

-Vulkhel Guard in Auridon for Aldmeri Dominion

-Davon's Watch in Stonefalls for Ebonheart Pact

-Daggerfall in Glenumbra for Daggerfall Covenant.

Undaunted Pledges:

  • Level 45 rewards will reward you with 1 Undaunted Key and the Undaunted Enclave invitation quest.
  • The quest will take you to your Alliance's capital. (Elden Root in Grahtwood for Aldmeri Dominion, Mournhold in Deshaan for Ebonheart Pact, Wayrest in Stormhaven for Daggerfall Covenant)
  • Upon completion of the quest, you receive one more Undaunted Key. You can now receive pledges from 3 NPCs. These NPCs being Maj al-Ragath, Glirion the Redbeard, Urgarlag Chief-bane, these 3 NPCs also sell Undaunted Chests which contain the shoulder piece for a monster set. 1 chest requires 5 keys. Save those keys until 160 CP.
  • Urgarlag Chief-bane gives DLC dungeon pledges.
  • Pledges basically tell you to kill specific bosses in the dungeon or just complete the dungeon.
  • Each pledge gives you 1 Undaunted Key and 1 Transmute Geode. However, doing the dungeon in Veteran Hardmode will reward you with 2 keys.
  • Undaunted keys lets you get two piece monster sets and other things from chests. (Dungeon Coffers)

What to Bank:

  • Crafting mats
  • Researchable items with magnifying glass symbol, you want to research.
  • Items you want to give to another char.


  • Items with intricate symbol
  • Items you don’t want to research
  • Any other deconstructed items


  • Items with the ornate trait
  • Junk, potions or treasures

Spend Gold On:

  • Mount upgrades
  • Bag upgrades
  • Bank upgrades

-Crafting mats are stackable.

-Don’t hoard

-Don’t buy consumables, armor or weapons.

-Don’t put items in Guild Bank.

-Later after getting enough gold -buy motifs (fashion)

-Repair armor and weapons at merchants OR use repair kits

-When leveling, you can go to any zones even in any alliance.

-Each zone has 3 castle icons (quests)

-White: Finished the quest

-Black: Undiscovered or quest is uncompleted

-Zone quests takes you to the 3 major cities

-Symbols have side quests.

-Quests with a symbol next to them in the journal are the main zone quests.

-Blue markers are daily quests.

-3 skyshards = 1 skill point

-Delves are mini dungeons (1 boss) and contains 1 sky shard.

World bosses:

  • Hard
  • Don’t solo until you’re a certain CP (4 players recommended)

Public dungeons:

  • Can have multiple people
  • Six bosses
  • Quest included
  • Group boss (gives 1 skillpoint)
  • Can get emote or momento

Zigzag pattern across map is an effective way to get zone completion.


  • 1 skill bar until level 15
  • 5 skills + 1 ultimate
  • Skills in skill bar will get leveled when turning in quest (not the unequipped one)
  • Skill + skill line will get leveled
  • Turning in quests with skill bar you want to get leveled equipped to level it.
  • Buffs on one bar, damage on another
  • Each skill has a morph, every 4 levels, you can use a skill point to morph the skill into another skill
  • More skills in one bar for one class means faster leveling for that class.
  • Recommended to put 1 skill from each class when level 1
  • Try to put at least one skill from preferred weapon tree into skill bar (helps leveling)
  • Make sure to get active skills before passive skills


  • Reading from bookcases gives a chance to level up a random skill
  • Consume a book/pages to learn a set style or part of a style
  • Style can be crafted on the char that learned the style ONLY, however, you can transmog that item on every char.
  • 1 costume save slot per char, it costs crowns to make more costume save slots.
  • Earn motifs by doing dailies, raids, DLC dungeon challenges or buying them from guild trades/ crown store.
  • Make sure you research your items.


  • Refine contains all mats

-10 mats for an ingot

  • Creation tab contains weapons and armors.

-Clothing makes medium and light armors

-Woodworking makes staffs, bows and shields

-Blacksmithing makes heavy armor, swords, daggers, maces etc.

-Jewelry crafting makes jewelry.

-Enchanting makes enchanting glyphs. Glyphs make runes.

-Alchemy makes potions, poisons.

-Provisioning makes foods, drinks.

-Scaling level higher uses more mats.

-Style needs to be known in order to be used.

-Traits has effects on armor

  • Deconstructing tab

-Clicking on them will mark them for deconstructing

-Deconstructing levels crafting the most

-Intricate item will have an infinity symbol (gives extra xp + more items back)

  • Improving tab

-White to Green to Blue to Purple to Yellow

-Takes mats for 100% chance

  • Research tab

-Whenever an item has a trait, you can consume the item by clicking on the trait and researching

-Make sure you are in the blacksmith for heavy armor and clothier stations for light armor

Miscellaneous Crafting Information:

  • Creating set items for someone: Needs 6 traits researched on an item to be able to create a set.
  • Researching takes real life time.
  • At first, you can research one item at a time but going into the clothing skill line and putting points on stitching will increase the cap
  • Put points on tailoring then hirelings then unraveling then the most important one: stitching.
  • Jute at low levels, higher leveled crafting items later on.
  • Level crafting skill lines to use higher level mats.
  • Daily writs everyday, based on crafting level not player level

-Worry about writs when level 50 in one crafting skill tree


Daily Routines:

  • Do mount training everyday.

-Mounts have a speed, stamina and inventory attributes

-Often goes to lvl 60.

  • Priority for upgrades
  1. Speed

-Find a stable anywhere in the zone, can do every 20 hours real time, pay a certain amount of gold for 1 speed (try to do on all chars)

-Mount speed, stamina and inventory are not account wide for mounts.

-Don’t have to do for each mount, stats carry over to every mount.

After getting speed, split stamina and inventory equally.

To get a mount:

-Collections tab

-H on PC to mount

Crafting Writs:

  • Do especially if you have lvl 50 crafters
  • Supplies you with mats and gold + mats that sell for a lot of gold
  • Master writs at 50, which sells for gold.
  • Writ vouchers for things in house or other goodies
  • Dailies in each DLC zone, rewards motif pages and other items

Random dungeons and battlegrounds on characters:

  • Gives bonus xp boost for the first one on each day
  • Helps level and gives items you can use ingame ex. Transmutation Crystals


  • Allows for fast use of an item when in combat
  • To use, drag quickslottable items such as potions, bunkers, emotes etc


  • Crowns are paid currency used to buy stuff in the crown store
  • Crown gems are from crown crates

-Deconstruct items from crown crates and they’ll give crown gems, which allows for purchasing of some items on the crown store.

  • Alliance points

-PVP Related

-Alliance points are the currency used in Cyrodiil to purchase items in the Alliance War.

  • Event tickets:

-When an event comes.

-Every month.

  • Outfit change tokens:

-Allows you to save multiple outfits to one character

  • Tel Var Stones

-PVP related

  • Transmute crystals


-Upon getting an item (if not having a trait that you like), you can use 50 transmute crystals at a transmute station to change the trait.

  • Writ vouchers

-From master crafting writs at level 50.

Non-account bound currency:

  1. Alliance Points
  2. Gold
  3. Tel Var Stones
  4. Writ Vouchers

Account bound currency:

  1. Crown gems
  2. Crowns
  3. Event tickets
  4. Outfit Change Tokens
  5. Transmute Crystals
  6. Undaunted Keys

In-Game Activities:

  • 4 player dungeons

-Each dungeon has 2 DPS, 1 tank, 1 healer.

-Two versions of some dungeons in the game

-Every dungeon has a veteran (vet) mode, which is harder and the mobs are harder as well.

-They have a veteran hard more challenge that rewards you with items and undaunted keys

-DLC dungeons are very difficult and the mechanics are complicated.

-DLC dungeons have a chance to drop motifs specific to that dungeon. Normal < Veteran < Veteran Hard Mode.

  • 12 man trials

-3 trials in the base ESO game.

-Trials have two tanks, two healers, eight DPS.

-Has normal, veteran and veteran hard modes.

All trials and dungeons have specific challenges and achievements in them and some may reward you with titles, personalities, motifs and skins.

  • Arena trials

-Blackrose Prison is a group arena located in Murkmire. (Murkmire DLC)

-Dragonstar Arena is a group arena located in Upper Craglorn.

-Maelstrom arena is the singleplayer arena trial that rewards players with some of the best inslot weapons in the game

-Located in Wrothgar (Orsinium DLC)

  • World Bosses

-Hard Bosses

-Takes a group to kill

Champion points:

  • Gaining a level rotates from red, blue and green
  • Similar to paragon levels in Diablo
  • Better passives and damage as well as numerous other things
  • Soft cap for CP is 810
  • Shared throughout all characters
  • Enlightenment when in CP, exp gains at a faster rate, once your bank of exp is used, it will have to refill.


  • Located in Cyrodiil.
  • Each alliance spawns at different zones.
  • If you get a token that lets you be any alliance, you are free to go wherever zone you want.
  • Recommended for group in PVP, agonizing without group.


  • 4v4v4v4 matches, quick matches, level up PVP faster.
  • Contains TDM, Crazy King, Domination, Capture the Relic, Chaosball.

Go To PVP:

-Alliance War Tab then click on campaign then join it.


  • Buy houses with gold not crowns (if you can help it)
  • Furnishing limit DOUBLED with ESO+
  • Start with small house, decorate then upgrade to bigger house
  • Account Wide
  • Blueprints for furnishing from guild traders or players
  • Can also find these furnishings in the world as well
  • Cheaper to buy items rather than the blueprint.
  • Target dummies for DPS, along with crafting tables, pets, mounts and assistants.


  1. Charging weapons is different from enchanting weapons
  2. Making multiple characters

-Shared CP

-More chances of daily quests

-More crafting writs

-More opportunities to get drops in dungeons

-The ability to change up what you’re doing in the game.

  1. Bound vs Not Bound

-All items from dungeons and trials will be bound to you only able to trade to members who were in the dungeons/trials with you for a few hours.

-Equipping armor will be bound to char, if not, can put in bank to be worn by other chars

-Other items in the world are mostly not char bound or acc bound.

  1. If you have friends online, if you need to TP to them or get to the zone that you don’t have the wayshrine of-Right click name and TP to wayshrine closest to them

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