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Things I’d like To See. Dyeable Gear, Pieces of Dropped Named Gear Sets, and Much More…

TheElderScrolls12 - Things I’d like To See. Dyeable Gear, Pieces of Dropped Named Gear Sets, and Much More...

Things I’d like to see in The Elder Scrolls 6.

Dyeable gear. The dye could be created using harvested ingredients or purchased from a vendor.

Dungeons that reset on entry. In Skyrim I would have like to have certain dungeons (unrelated to the main quest or guild quests) be replay-able without needing to wait weeks in game or however dreadfully long it took.

Most of the things found in the unofficial Skyrim patch should be thrown into the game.

Named droppable gear sets that are not only given generic enchantments, but upon wearing parts of the set, grant the player new abilities. Such as heavy attacks do x, y, z. Or blocking arrows does something really cool. Not dissimilar to the TES MMO gear sets in functionality, but way cooler and focused so far as abilities. Imagine an ability that let’s you go send people flying within a certain range when you use a heavy attack with a war hammer. Or alters a spell like a basic fireball into a barrage of fireballs or transforms it into a burning effect that deals more damage over time. You get my point. This type of gear can add way more depth to the game. Lock some of this gear behind hidden quests with secret bosses and hidden dungeons.

Add more enemies.

Let us build a homestead. Fallout 4 had the right idea even if it fell flat with some people – it created an entire niche of players that loved the concept. Build on that and “make it just work” again, but better.

Add camping and weather with day cycles and biomes. Minecraft does this well.

Less ranked perks (For example: Stealth 1/5). More skills and skill lines. And perks that simply scale with the player (For example: Stealth improved by %50. Wham! Bam! Done. Onto the next perk). For a base game I felt Skyrim lacked many skills. I’m being redundant, but I want my point to be clear. For example; Instead of having ranks of stealth. Simply add a single perk for stealth that greatly improves stealth by %50 percent. This simplicity allows room for more perks that “do things” and more skill lines that “do different things”. Players can allocate to more skill lines and create deeper, more unique characters. Unarmed (Branch Off into Multiple Fighting Styles), Mysticism, Necromancy, Vampirism/Blood Magic, and much much more that I’m probably missing, because I’m terrible with lore. But you get my point. Add some hidden skill lines that are locked behind hidden quests that require some research on the players part. Hide clues and create mysteries. Force people to use certain weapons and armors before unlocking certain skill lines. TES Online does this. We don’t want to even see the archery skill line if we never use it.

Add passive perks within skill lines.

Make the graphics sick.

Add easter eggs.

Include humor. Don’t get overtly political. Don’t take yourselves to seriously. Stick to the roots. Don’t over-streamline the game. It can be a deep game, but still be simple to play for the casual gamer.

Next time you make a Fallout MMO go big or go home. Add a hot bar and give us all of America and not just one state. Whoooops!!! Wrong post…

Add more guilds and allow players to be followers of Akotosh and Molag Bal. Add quest lines, gear, and skill lines even if they’re just passives skills, maybe add replay-able quests for champions when the player prays at the alter. This opens the door to more unique quests that might otherwise never be possible. For example we might be told to go kill a priest that spawns in a temple in a certain way that only a champion of molag bal could do and steal their soul. Granting the player gold or even a piece of gear related to molag bal. This can get deep without being over complicated.


Add new magic that we’ve never seen. There must be something in the lore. Wind magic. Earth magic. Raising shards of giant stone from the ground. Tying enemies in vines. Summoning animals to the players aid. (Rather than calling nearby animals like in Skyrim. Which made the ability irrelevant and marginalized. It’d be better as a spell that is strictly for wood elves.) Dark magic. Trapping enemies in orbs of dark energy. “Muting” magic wielders and slowing warriors with a single “Negate” spell for a certain amount of time.

More race specific passives? This is a maybe. Skyrim had a good mix.

More available races for character creation.

A scene skip button for players that have already previously played through that scene in a past play through. Getting my head nearly chopped off made me dread starting new characters so much that I, like many others, created base game saves just for creating new characters. Same with fallout. I’d save just before the vault 111 elevator, and just recreate a new character on entry.

Make status effects like bleed and poison relevant, make critical hits and armor penetration relevant and powerful for all levels of play, both for new and endgame characters. Status effects like freeze, burn, poison, bleed, and slow were few and far between in Skyrim and sometimes didn’t work at all. It fell flat but was largely anticipated. We want that stuff and love it. We’d all like it improved and working.

Add bigger bosses. I’ve played a lot of games and big bosses are awesome.

Make enemy AI and battle mechanics change during fights. Orcs had berserker abilities in Skyrim but never did Orc enemies ever use them and the same goes with other races like bretons and Argonians (Maybe I’m wrong but pretty sure only players could use our racial abilities). We’d all like that. Maybe Bosses do charging heavies for a part of the fight and then switch to casting runes or shooting from range. Maybe orcs go berserk at a certain point and start attacking like crazy. Skyrim had elements of this. Spriggans would crouch near death and stand back up after healing. Skooma dealers would drink tree sap, and Vampires would go invisible and run away to heal if they got low on health. So the concept is there and I think it should be expanded on to make battle way more impressive and spectacular.

Add an arena. We love arenas.

Add various mounts. Not just horses. And make them easy to access.

Pets were a great idea. Let us name them. Yes!

Finishers are cool to me, but not to everyone. Make it an option and not a necessity.

Make quest giving NPC’s, even main quest NPC’s – NON essential once the quests are completed for those NPC’s. Give us the option to eventually kill all NPC’s at some point. Except children obviously. Never let the player kill the children. That is just wrong and it is practically lore at this point. Followers should remain optional, and only become non essential based on the players game difficulty. There are so many people in Skyrim I wanted to destroy, but couldn’t without mods. Make this possible, and we will all be grateful.

Done. End of post.

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