The Elder Scrolls

Things Pete Hines and CVH sold us a year ago

TheElderScrolls5 - Things Pete Hines and CVH sold us a year ago

So, since there is no stream tonight, I thought I'll give this video a watch It was a year ago and many things were said so I made a list. I think it would be great to have Pete back on the stream and reflect on these points.

I tried to stay out as neutral as possible but I had to give my humble opinion here and there.

Apparently, the game was re-build by Sparky Pants from the ground up to be able to implement these features very easily and rapidly.

Also, a funny quote from CVH: “we’re not in the business of making things worse” 😉 Just leaving this here!

Let me know what you think about these.

API for stream, deck tracking etc

“Absolutely, been on our request list for years”

Ability for viewer to interact with the board, look at play history etc…

Easier way to share decks

Deck codes are great

Way to see what decks users/friends play in game

Performance increases

It’s getting better but I think we are still slower than the previous client, lots of animation to speed up etc.

Decrease maintenance time in minutes, not hours

I don’t really know

Client small enough to be downloaded with cellular data

2.1go here + Massive updates

Respect of the TES lore

We have 2 Emeric and 2 Ayrenn so idk…

Consistency in game design philosophy

The community seems a bit divided with OP cards, RNG problems, Tricolor etc. I think there are less and less viables decks with time passing but that’s just my opinion.

In-game tournament support with custom rules

Still waiting for that.

New visual FX

And we also have some great voice lines!

More customisation (avatars, deck images, play mats, ability to chose them,etc)


Yeah we got a few new card backs (some of them are very expensive…)

And 2 new play mats.

Custom private matches/rules

“We want to do more for allowing players to do different things in their matches and also take that to the tournament level.”

Clicky things around the play mats

Great job!

Faster/streamlined UI

The store is a bit messy imo, the quest screen when you have several quests and one pops out is very ugly and every time I launch the game I have a short “loading news” distorted thing appearing before the news are displayed but other than that, it’s cool!

Twitch Drops

Whispers are on and off but yeah.

Mobile layout

The screen cutout on iPhone still hides some info when opening the graveyard and grabbing cards sometimes activate the home bar.

Update premium FX

imo most premiums are just some lazy after effect presets but some of them are indeed cool!

Chat Upgrade

I think it’s finally working but I don’t think it’s been upgraded.

Dual spectator mode for tournament casting

“That’s happening”

Smaller update size


Consistent consistent release

Some might say a bit too consistent?

Option to open all packs at once

I think we would like more details when using this feature but yes, it works.

In-game leaderboards

Arena, top 100, real-time etc…

Competitive tournament

“I’m excited about the idea that’s it’s possible”

SparkyPants active in the community

Seem fine.

Improved tutorial


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