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Thinking of buying? Read me! (F.A.Q.)

TheElderScrolls6 - Thinking of buying? Read me! (F.A.Q.)

7vnxuff918431 - Thinking of buying? Read me! (F.A.Q.)

Should you buy ESO?

A question that has been running rampant on Reddit, especially since E3. Consider this a living FAQ, for all of the questions that are asked, in the "Thinking about buying" type Reddit threads.

Q: There are so many chapters and DLC's! Which options should I purchase?

A: It depends… If you're playing casually and testing the waters. The base game is more than enough content, to decide how deep you'd like to delve. Ready to play seriously and want the most bang for your buck? ESO+ gets you everything but Elsweyr and perks like an endless craft bag, bank space, 1650 monthly crowns, and 10% exp. Want to raise the undead as a Necromancer and fight dragons, grab Elsweyr! If you grab Elsweyr standard edition or higher, you'll also get the other chapters prior like Summerset.

Q: Is this game pay to win?

A: No. While there are many things you can purchase, to save you time or hassle. Nothing can give a decisive advantage, over another similarly skilled player. Majority of the Crown store or "cash shop", are for aesthetic and convenience.

Q: I love the Elder Scrolls series, but I hate people. Does this game force me to group?

A: No. There is a massive amount of content you can do solo. Although if you want to get into end game content and still retain your friendless approach. Group finder and zone chat can get you the bodies you need to complete the tasks.

Q: Is it too late to start playing?

A: Of course not. You can play at any pace you'd like. If you're looking to catch up to end game quickly, there are methods for that too.

Q: I love playing WoW, is this similar?


A: They are both extremely different in how they define the MMORPG. I'll try to keep it brief by telling you about how ESO is different. Art style is more about realism in a fantasy setting. Combat in ESO is more action orientated, where you have to aim, weave light/ heavy attacks , dodge roll, CC break, and block among many other things. PvP has three different factions fighting each other, with keeps and resources, for domination of Cyrodil. PvE's hardest end game content are known as Trial's. They are 12 man instances, with difficult mechanics, and require practice and coordination. ESO is also much more liberal on what it allows you to between class, weapon, and other skill lines.

Q: Can I be competitive with just the base game?

A: Absolutely, there are plenty of gear sets, and classes, that will allow you to be competitive in both PvP and PvE.

Q: There is so much to the game, where do I start?

A: This is a great guide to get started and learn the basics.

Q: Does it matter what faction I choose?

A: Faction only dictates who you can group with in Cyrodil. You can also purchase Any Race, Any Alliance to mix and match them.

Q: Is this game like Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind etc..?

A: Simple answer is no, it plays like an MMO, set in the Elder Scrolls universe. While they adopted some things from the single player RPG's, they're not the same thing. If you come in expecting Skyrim, you'll be disappointed.

Q: Do I need to keep my subscription active, to keep the DLC?

A: Yes, keeping ESO+ active, is what gets you the DLC. When you cancel, you will lose access.

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