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This game is amazing.

TheElderScrolls11 - This game is amazing.

Let's start this off by saying I am simply amazed with how great this game is. I orginally wrote it off in the beta since I was a hardcore wow raider and this game was janky back in the beta. I am so glad that I decided to give it a try again. I am purposefully treating this game like I would Oblivion (g.o.a.t.) or skyrim. I am going slow and just running around looking for stuff. It has only been a day and the adventures I have had has definitely made me want to play more.

Recently I have had to step away from wow because I am close to graduation from uni and mythic raiding and wow itself has gotten dull. Plus you have to keep up with wow's grind so you don't let the team down. A few months have passed since I stopped playing wow and now have that mmo itch again. BFA is crap and as a hardcore wow fan for years that honestly makes me sad. I started looking to other mmos. I tried FF14 but it is too similar to wow. I needed something fresh. ESO I orginally thought was still a jank mess but decided I should have a look. Safe to say after installing the game and playing 8 hours straight this game is way better than I expected. But not for the reasons people might expect from a wow player.

The world is massive and gives me nostalgia. I have never been the biggest lore buff for the elder scrolls. What I know is from games like Oblivion and skyrim. It was enough to recognize names and honestly helped me get a good start in ESO. I am so hooked on understanding the story of this world it is incredible.


Exploration in an mmo? I spent 3 of the first 8 hours just exploring. No quest to guide me just map markers and cool vistas. This would be unheard of in wow for me. I would feel like I was wasting my time. I could be running dungeons or leveling alts to prepare for raid. That is all wow had. Raids were all I cared about. ESO has a whole world and I surprised myself with how slow I was taking everything. I have no real destination. Probably because I don't know a lot about the game but that is how I am deciding to play. At least till I find out what I want to do later on.

I explored a cave with robots that drop a flame dagger. I found a blue mud crab and its babies that beat the life out of me. Wondered upon a dead catman that had a note saying how glad he was to be free from servitude. I have no idea how the developers made an mmo feel so vast and personal at the same time. I have yet to socialize with other players just because I want to keep exploring the world given to me. I want to stay away from dungeons and min/maxing because this game has so much more going on. I can focus on my adventures and my character.

The character focus of this game is beyond anything I thought of. I can play anything I want. I know there are meta builds but for my solo adventure I will be building how I want. I feel attached to my Dark Elf lady with max posterior. She is a blood thirsty night blade that also makes footwear exclusively. She craves cheese and will steal any alcohol she finds. (Yeah I am RPing in an elder scrolls game.)

I have no goal or a need to find one. For the first time in a long time I just play.

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