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This game needs…

TheElderScrolls2 - This game needs...

…far less hard removal and less early aggression as well. And, to be clear, I'm a player who hates aggro and can barely stand mid-range. I play exclusively control and combo decks. I see the largest issue with TESL to be that the game is simply polarized to:

  1. Incredibly aggressive and relatively brainless aggro decks that just try to end the game by turn 6.
  2. Incredibly reactive and relatively brainless control decks that just try to stall the game to max magicka and win via attrition.

Yes, there are decks in between but the vast majority of my opponents fall into those two categories.

It really hit me today while I was playing my Guildsworn Soul Shred control deck and, even after I had gotten several removal out of my opponent's hand, my setup pieces for the combo subsequently still go removed. Now, granted, I don't expect to win consistently with this deck. I'm playing it for fun and because I like combo a lot and this deck relies on several combo pieces to obliterate my opponent's deck.

It's either the above situation or it's an aggro deck that just floods the board, plays around nothing, goes face with everything and "ends" the game one way or another by turn 5 or 6.

Both ends of this spectrum need to be tightened up towards the middle. On the aggro side, cards like {{Rift Thane}} and {{Mighty Ally}} need adjusted. On the control side, there needs to be FAR less hard removal like {{Piercing Javelin}}, {{Cast Into Time}}, and {{Edict of Azura}}. Also, simple cost adjustments + or -1 are not the solution. The solution are to adjust the stats/effects of the cards to work different fundamentally. For example:


Rift Thane ==> 2 mana |2/2 | If you have less health than your opponent, +0/+1 and Guard. Otherwise +1/+0 and Breakthrough.

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Mighty Ally ==> 3 mana | 3/3 | If the top card of your deck is red, +1/+1 and Breakthrough

Piercing Javelin ==> 3 mana | Prophecy | Shackle an enemy creature for a number of turns equal to how many runes your opponent is missing.

Cast Into Time ==> 5 mana | Permanently shackle an enemy creature and banish other copies of the creature from your opponent's deck.

Edict of Azura ==> 3 mana | Destroy your opponent's lowest cost support or your opponent's lowest cost creature

And then there's the problem that supports are borderline worthless in TES:L right now as there's 800 ways to remove them. For example, what if {{Shadowfen Priest}} was:

Shadowfen Priest ==> 5 mana | 4/5 | Pause an enemy support for two turns. Here, "pausing" supports would not remove them but instead would make them unusable and their effect missing for however many turns.

The above examples may be way off or bad or whatever but the point here is that I want a more interactive TES:L and not the dichotomy we have now where you either go brainless aggro or brainless control while a few of us do our best to try and play something else.

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