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This is my first MMO, just reached lvl 50 what now?

TheElderScrolls10 - This is my first MMO, just reached lvl 50 what now?

So this is my first MMO i played. Bought it like a year ago but only started playing a couple of months ago. I have been doing quests and running dungeons in my play time so far. And researched different kind of items (because i red that, that's gonna be important later). Yes I do know after lvl 50 i start a new leveling system called champions point.

So I just hit lvl 50 and kinda feel like im not playing the game to it's fullest potential. I just don't really know what to do, I have saved up 70k gold, don't know what to spend it on, don't know how to craft stuff (food, potions, items etc) don't even know how to learn to craft stuff. Don't know what sets are good, don't know what to improve in my character.

Maybe these are all self explanatory to people who grew up on MMOs, but me personally grew up on fps games. That's my bread and butter. And it kinda feels like there is nothing else to do (i know im wrong but thats what im feeling).

So any advices what to do, where can i learn the basic mechanics of the game without having to watch through 25 minutes of explaining of how to make a character. Because if i keep on doing what im doing right now aka just doing quests and wait for dungeon finder to find me a group then sell half the items i got from the dungeon and research the other half and back to waiting and questing, i will be out of this sooner or later.

Sadly growing up on fps games makes my reflexes and hand to eye coordination really good but doing the same stuff over and over again without a clear goal does not work for me. Get bored of it really quick.



Don't really know why i get so many butt hurt comments. Yeah never played an MMO so asking for advice, I just said I have been playing fps games all my life, I wasn't rude about it. Don't know why you have to be in the comment section. Yeah dungeons get more difficult as you hit lvl 50, but up until now in my 100 hours I haven't died once in dungeons or doing quest, I could literally just run through a dungeon spam what ever ability I wan't and still compleat it (up until lvl 50). And yeah, to be honest with you I'm not used to completing quests where the play time's 75% goes into traveling from A to B and when i get there it's not even a challenge to compleat it. Maybe that's exploring for MMO players but it's meaningless time wasting for me.

I even said in my original post that most likely I'm doing things wrong that's why I'm not finding content that entertains me. That's why I asked for advice. Because I don't know how to play the game. And in exchange I get a bunch of commenters telling me "bluh … bluh …. bluh … but in fps games you do the same thing over and over again, you don't know how to play MMO so stop talking shit about it … " Well no shit Sherlock, in a post where the title is "it's my first mmo, i just hit lvl 50" op doesn't know how to play the game?!?! How could that be?! Maybe because i have 100 hours in the game and most likely you guys have 1000.

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