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This is probably just the first nerf we will see for conscription

TheElderScrolls15 - This is probably just the first nerf we will see for conscription

The devs cannot make conscription a legendary or change the colors you can play it in, change my mind

All other ideas outside of changing the color and rarity are really good

Here are the other options that could be done if the card is still a problem after this patch

And before anyone says that nerfing a card by making it cost 1 magicka more, take a mighty fine look at haunted manor. Just remember, hlaalu used to be the most complained about deck primarily due to hunted manor, people gave many suggestions for how the card could be nerfed, the devs made it cost one more mana, and as far as I have seen on this subreddit, the deck no longer is seen as much as it was before the nerf, the same thing also happened with hist grove

So here's the ideas that people have presented for nerfs for conscription

Make it only summon things in one lane- this is one of the better ideas as it something that could actually work while still keeping the card in a specific set of decks

Make it summon copies- it sounds good, but I really dont exactly get how this one works, if someone could explain how exactly this works it would be great

Make it only summon 1 or lower- good idea, could work, but also changes the purpose of the card a little bit and most likely would change a lot of deck lists it is played in, I would say that if moving it to twelve doesn't work either this or limiting it to one lane are their next best bets on terms of a nerf that works


Make it summon the creatures but their summons dont trigger- has potential, keeps the journey option with tokens alive, would move the card to a more token and last gasp based area, but it could work, obscure but possible to be seen

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Any form of crippling the cards on summon- things such as shackling or making them summon as 1/1's on summon. Could work, though I feel it's one of the least likely things to happen to the card.

Make it a unique legendary- the devs simply can't, first that throws off the value of forgotten hero collection in terms of it having 4 unique legendaries and the unique legendaries in that set are near exclusively dedicated to singleton decks, so it also throw the way the collection was built right out the window.

Make it a spellsword card/ changing its color in general- here is the issue with this, say you make it a spellsword card, now the devs have two options to balance out the number of cards each class has. One, move a bunch of other cards to the dual color section. Two, the next mini expansion has to composed near entirely of dual color cards. One of these actions needs to be done in order to balance out the cards properly.

In conclusion- the ideas of changing the cards color or rarity are bad ideas that the devs cannot do, though all other ideas for nerf can work and are things that the devs can do, even the more obscure and creative ideas for nerfs are at least possible.

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