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This will be my fourth attempt to get into the game. Any advice?

TheElderScrolls8 - This will be my fourth attempt to get into the game. Any advice?

Yep, fourth. Let me tell you my story: Saw this game on sale a while ago (2 years now?) And like most people I loved Skyrim but I also loved MMOs, FF14, DCUO, Defiance etc. I just love adventuring with other people.

1st attempt and super psyched: I started a Redguard DragonKnight because… Listen to that name. Badass and apparently I'm an edgelord at times. So before or just after finishing the tutorial I learn Imperials ARE in the game, gotta go with my preferred race so I started over before I got too far in.

Attempt 1.5 : Went Templar this time. Half because it fit more imo with an Imperial and half because quite literally every other character I saw was a DK. That's right, apparently not only am I an Edgelord but a hipster as well. =/

I was enjoying it more, I do like Templar combat more than DK from what I played but after finishing the starting area, I realized my complaints: It didn't feel like an MMO. It felt like the clunky protagonist insert of an MMO with the "choice" system of Skyrim that means nothing. I had 0 interaction with other players aside from getting spooked when someone pops up and murders someone next to me and the combat and profession felt… Strange I couldn't explain it. I dropped the game at level 18.

Attempt 1.99: I don't give this its own thing because it lasted almost no time. A pal I knew had the game and she was also looking for someone to play with, but… You can't do story missions together. We didn't exactly know HOW to play together, just do sides? But some I did already and some she did already… Meh. Dropped it at level 20.

Attempt 2: Morrowind. This was the most hooked I've been on this game. Started a Warden, everything was new, nothing about progression felt clunky, there was a compelling main storyline that you could focus or peel off from easily. It was my favorite character… Until the main story ended. Then the problems I couldn't properly describe before came up: Combat feels bland. Leveling feels useless; I never feel like I'm getting stronger. The only thing that changed from level 14 to 20 was my taste in outfits. Dropped it at level 21.

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Attempt 3.0: Easily the second most fun, I roped two friends in and started WITH them. We did the race storyline together and the lack of progression structure didn't matter because all they did was stand outside the AD area at the Dolmen thingy and play instruments .-. One day on a whim, a friend of mine wanted to "see the world" and took off on a horse. I tried to stop them because MMO logic says you shouldn't do that at level 9… But nothing happened. There's no level gating, no absurdly powerful high rank monsters or anything! She went from one part of Tamriel to the other on a whim. It was jarring, then I realized that was my other problem with the game: Every fight is the same and no battle is particularly challenging!..

That is until my other friend wandered into a dungeon alone. Oh boy, we got mashed up. There was no indication (at least according to her) that it was a dungeon or it'd be THIS difficult. I convinced her to wait for our third pal to try again. We did, it was pretty fun even though I was forced into being a healer. We had to actually think, the battles actually felt like fighting instead of thumbing R2 until it's ded. They had to actually learn how to use skills and ultimates etc. I enjoyed it!

We finished after about an hour and my trophy furnishing says it was Banished Cells I. We did one more a few days later that was apparently Spindleclutch I, did a lot better there because we knew from last dungeon how intense it'd be. Sadly they lost interest and uninstalled at level 22 with only having done like 8 quests.

Since then, I've been occasionally popping on my first two characters to do things, but the community talking about things like "Anyone who uses light attacks in a dungeon is trash. Kick them." Makes me apprehensive to even try to hit endgame.

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Attempt 4 incoming: There was recently a PSN sale, another friend has gotten it and they like the series but quit the Xbone version because no friends there. I WANT to like this game, I want to play with them and have fun and treat it like any other MMO but it feels off. I haven't even beaten the main story and I CAN'T tell you why I haven't because I don't know myself. Ps4 ESO based on the chat feels like it's just a ton of endgame elitists whose fun and immersion died long ago and now their only goal is to be the biggest meme spewing trolls, veiniest pricks and elitist noob bashers.

Now that the novel is over, Tl;Dr: My friend is about to start the long, grueling install process to play this game with me and I want to have fun for more than e days. Please advise ):

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