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Thoughts on an Elder Scrolls D&D campaign?

TheElderScrolls4 - Thoughts on an Elder Scrolls D&D campaign?

Hello Reddit! For the last few months, I've been working on an Elder Scrolls conversion/ rewrite of D&D 5e, with the goal of having a group of players run through the Oblivion storyline. Its getting close to a beta, so I figure I'd sneak a bit out and see what people think. I'll go through major changes as they would appear in the D&D 5e handbook.

If this gains traction, I'll post a link to the folder where all the info can be found.


Rather than rolling for HP every level, you now roll for Stamina and Magicka as well. Stamina has been added as a resource pool for physical fighters, and Magicka replaces Spell Slots in favor of a resource pool.


All nine races of Tamriel are viable options, and receive bonuses fitting their lore. Players who wish to be a Khajiit may choose from one of the 16 furstocks available, each with their own pros and cons.


While the basic classes still exist, the way they function and grow has changed. All classes have 7 skills to start with at a basic level. All skills are on a 1-5 scale, granting a new bonus every time you gain a rank. This is also where feats have been implemented.

When you level up, you may choose to advance one skill you have, and other skills may be taught by appropriate tutors.

Each class also has its own Stamina and Magicka dice, in addition to Hit dice.


Backgrounds provide a small boost to your play style. Currently, some backgrounds are class restricted.


Armor fits into either the "Light" or "Heavy" categories. How big of an AC bonus you get from your armor depends on the materials used. Weapons and Shields also are made out of a variety of materials.

Barbarians have the unique "Barbarian Plate" heavy armor, which lets them add their Con bonus to their AC instead of their Dex.

Weapons, Shields, and armor can all be upgraded further by blacksmiths, independently from enchanting.


Potions all require alchemic ingredients that can be gathered, purchased, or grown. Using more than two ingredients with the same effect makes a stronger potion.


All combat skills have abilities that unlock as you level. Pulling off these special attacks requires Stamina. Going down to 0 Stamina in battle gives the player one level of exhaustion.

If you've played Oblivion, you know what the end game is. The "Tactics" skill line makes it possible and easier to take an army into battle. Who doesn't want friends anyways?


This part is taking the longest. All schools of magic have their own skill line, and have many spells carried over from 5e. However, since skills are on a 1-5 scale and a resource pool is used, some things must be fixed.

Cantrips are cheap, useful spells that grow as your skill does.

Other spells are listed 1st-5th level, and you may only cast spells you know at a level equal to your skill.

Some spells with the "Concentration" tag have a new tag: Channeling. When Channeling, you can only focus on the spell while you cast it. Each turn will require a Magnica cost, but will give an effect. When the spell is completed, a bonus is given. (Example: Gro' Din the Orc channels Healing Wave. Each turn, he must spend 5 magicka for 1 minute. Also on every turn, his allies heal 2d6 damage. When the spell is finished, his allies get max dice in addition to the normal dice.)

The last change I have for this part is Staves. If you have a staff with a spell you don't know, but have the base skill for that spell, you may cast it through the staff for it's Magicka cost. If you can cast the spell and have the staff, you may cast it through the staff at one level higher. This is the only way to cast spells at 6th level.

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