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TheElderScrolls15 - Thoughts on In My Time Of Need

I've recently been replaying and rewatching Skyrim, and the quest In My Time Of Need sticks out to me.

In case you don't remember, In My Time Of Need is the quest where some Alik'r approach you that they want you to find a Redguard woman who has escaped justice. You find that this woman is Saadia, an employee in the Bannered Mare, who asks you to kill the Alik'r mercenaries. After killing many of the group, Kematu, their leader, tells you what Saadia has been accused of doing. At this point you can help Saadia, help Kematu and the mercenaries, or double cross both for max rewards (in my opinion this isn't really an intended outcome of the quest).

This quest always felt a bit weird to me, even in my first playthrough. Hammerfell is not really touched by any other content in Skyrim, and hasn't featured in a main series Elder Scrolls game for many years.

However, I have recently played Fallout 3 too and this has led me to notice some similarities with a quest, The Replicated Man. If you aren't aware, Fallout 3 was also made by Bethesda and released three years prior to Skyrim.

The Replicated Man is also a bit of a weird quest in the context of just Fallout 3. It features the story of a scientist from a place called the Institute, who asks for your help finding a rogue android. During your investigation, an agent from the Railroad tells you to leave the investigation be. At the end of the quest, you can choose to help the android or return him to the scientist to spirit him back to his home.


Sound familiar? Two quests, each in locations visited by the main story (the second settlement, in each case) where you are given a quest regarding an escapee. The factions involved are not referenced at all outside of the quest and both hail from areas outside the game's map. There's an option to either help the subject or the people who intially petition you with the quest, and it's not entirely clear who is meant to be right.

The Replicated Man is also very interesting because, as many of you know, the Institute and the Railroad are main factions in Fallout 4. The Commonwealth, which is mainly referenced in this quest, is the main world map of Fallout 4. The ideas about whether the android (known as synths) have their own rights and free will is a main theme of the story.

Therefore, it is my theory that In My Time Of Need is our window into probable main factions, location, and story themes of Elder Scrolls VI. I think that the map will at the very least include parts of Hammerfell, probably the city of Taneth. I also believe that the themes of supporting the native population or supporting the Aldmeri Dominion will be central to the plot of Elder Scrolls VI.

I might be wrong or reading too much into this, but it was something that struck me as too similar to be coincidence. With what we know of Elder Scrolls VI, I'm fairly certain that sections of the map that have been shown have been theorised as the lands west of Skyrim, which would include Hammerfell.

TL;DR: Elder Scrolls VI is teased in In My Time Of Need like how Fallout 4 is teased in The Replicated Man.

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