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I've been playing the TES games in a "canon" style (play the canon race, become the head of all factions, all DLCs, and for fun, tackle most side quests I feel up for), and I've just completed Oblivion. I've also done this with Skyrim and Morrowind (the latter I did one of these for since I though of giving my penny's worth during that run), and Daggerfall wasn't nearly fun enough for me to do this with that game, so this should be the last one of these for awhile. I doubt I'll make many friends with this, since I didn't enough this game nearly as much as Skyrim or Morrowind. I also closed every Oblivion Gate that opened, but I'm not going to blame the game for that since nothing really encouraged me to do that.


I did use console commands at least five time. One was that once I had access to every master trainer, I boost the number of times could be trained per level to 500 to round up my skills to 100. That was pretty late in the game, where all but one of my primary skills were at 100. The block master trainer I had to use cc since the game wouldn't let me use a shield without a weapon, for some reason. Another was to finish the ninroot quest. I had 15 remaining, and since I couldn't scroll-dupe them, I resorted to cc since I collected all the ones before than legit and wanted to move on from that quest. The last two were in the SI DLC, the first to teleport to each obelisk since like the Gates, I wanted to close them all because I'm not the most sane. The last was to complete the Oddities quest, since I was missing five by the end of the DLC (Dagger of Friendship, Mixing Bowl, Sheogorath-Shapped Amber, Soul Tomato, and Two-Headed Septim) and wasn't going to waste any more time on spawn rates that could be as low as 1%.

I also used the Dorian glitch to gain more gold I would need, so I didn't experience any money problems.

I also used the unofficial patch mods and the mod that has enemies not drop their weapons when they die.

I was playing on normal difficulty until near the KotN DLC (which was after the main story), and turned it down since it wasn't fun when enemies tanked more damage than you can at that point.


I do love the idea of master trainers requiring you to do something to prove your worth, though some of them felt random.

The game was so silly and weird already that the Shivering Isles was perfect for Oblivion.

The Oblivion Doors do make it feel like an invasion, even if they themselves aren't that fun.


Knights of the Nine was short but sweet, in my opinion. Umaril died way too quickly, though. And I fought him on normal. And only 3/8 of the relics involved dungeon crawling, which was a welcomed surprise. Wish the weapons did bonus damage to elves.

Increasing your skill gives you perks. I hope that returns and is a hybrid of Skyrim's perks, having the skill increase be general buffs and the perks for certain play styles and roleplaying.


Constant stun-locked. Thrown around often with maxed combat stats. One arrow sent me flying with 110 agility. That made combat way too annoying.

The gank squads in Oblivion would make Dark Souls 3 jealous.

I hate that they made training limited when it was unlimited in Morrowind.

You know how people complained that Skyrim lacks roleplaying? Oblivion is worst, in my opinion. At least in Skyrim, you can choose a side in the civil war or end the Dark Brotherhood.

Good luck playing a melee character, since this games hates you not using magic.

Enemies are too good at dodging your attacks just by running away.

Who though that giving goblins the ability to paralysis the player for half an hour would be fun?

Spells cost too much. At least in Skyrim, you could decrease the cost by training the skill and getting the perks that decrease them.

The Thieves Guild made me feel like a discount Robin Hood. I want to be a scumbag, not a man in tights. Oh, and The Ultimate Heist was bad. You know people claiming that Skyrim's TG has too many quests that involve dungeons? The Ultimate Heist is worst than all of them, since it promises to be a heist when it's mostly just dungeon crawling. At least Skyrim warns you in advance when you're doing that.

Next of Kin made me realize how annoy the level scaling system is when it also applies to NPCs, making Frenzy worthless.


The Dark Brotherhood quests were fun and encouraged creativity, until you get to the Black Hand part. It didn't even I did let kill Alval Uvani.

Final Thoughts

I say that out of the three I've completed, this is the weakest (an awkward transition from Morrowind to Skyrim in my opinion). It's a point-and-click adventure game trapped in an RPG body, and it's silly moments couldn't make up for the annoying ones. I don't hate it, just never want to play it again myself.

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