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Thoughts on Pilfer/Slay Scout Deck Synergies?

TheElderScrolls13 - Thoughts on Pilfer/Slay Scout Deck Synergies?

So I have a deck that I’ve put together that I really like. It’s based around Brotherhood sanctuary and Skooma Underboss

Skooma Underboss turns Pilfer abilities into slay abilities. Brotherhood sanctuary allows you to receive slay rewards and extra time.

I also have Falkreath defiler (Slay: Summon from discard) and Quin’rawl Burglar (Drain, Pilfer +4/+4, Legendary but not Unique just FYI so card draw isn’t terrible for it)

I include squishy the wimpy, swift strike and soul tears as the main actions.

Cicero the betrayer combines with brotherhood sanctuary well too. (Careful, with 3 sanctuaries on the board you draw 8 cards so don’t hit unless your willing to potentially discard a lot of cards. But if used right then you can discard a lot of cards to summon same turn with falkreath)

I also have merchants camel and indoril mastermind to draw and discard cards. Discard for falkreath to summons, and move through the deck faster to get to key cards (Skooma Underboss, Burglar)

If you get lucky and late game have saved up 2-3 Swift strikes, and 2-3 Squishy the Wimpy’s its game over. If you had a perfect setup (3 swift strikes, 3 squishy the wimpy’s 3 brotherhood sanctuaries, ramped to get to 15 Magicka or just a long game, Skooma Underboss and Burglar on the board, and 6 enemies with 3 in the burglars lane none with Lethal) After Squishy x3 -> Burglar = 52/52 After Actual Turn Attack -> Burglar = 66/66 After Swift Strike x3 -> Burglar = 114/114

If you had 1 health at the beginning of the turn, when you finished the turn you would have 359 health, and your final headshot could be for 98. Major overkill though, any 1 swift strike and 2 additional swift strike/squishy’s is normally enough to 1 turn kill most anything.

I also have the gatekeeper and hackwing feathers (One creature can attack each turn in this lane) This deck is a late-game deck, using falkreath or soul-tears to keep the gate keeper on the board can slow the game down significantly while you get the cards you need. Giving him a hackwing feather can keep him alive longer and also helps draw out opponents silence and hard removal cards so they can’t use them on a Burglar/Falkreath)


Nightmother can be hugely beneficial because it can give you a 0/1 target to get Burglar from 4/4 to 12/12 with just one turn making him potentially the strongest creature on the board. But I’ve been tweaking this deck and it plays fine without it.

The only other “big” card combos I use are Almalexia/Mentor of the watch/Lute Which allows you to deadlock an entire lane with a 12/12 guard that is immune to damage and can’t be silenced meaning only Edict of Azura or Piercing Javelin can remove it, which gives you complete control over a lane.

I use tree-minder to ramp but also as a low cost guard, and territorial vipers for quick hard removal, they can be used with squishy the wimpy to one turn kill creatures hidden behind guards or in the shadow lane.

I call it my “factory of death” If I get one Brotherhood sanctuary and 2 falkreath defilers. It can become a cycle. Kill someone in the shadow lane with falkreath and even if he dies you summon the other falkreath from discard (preferably in the shadow lane so you get a almost guaranteed attack chance next turn) and summon a territorial viper to remove bigger threats. If the machine breaks (via silence/hard removal of falkreath) Soul Tear or the final falkreath with a squishy the wimpy gets it up and running again.

I’ve had about a 60% win-rate with it, but the win almost always comes down to card draw. If you get the right cards in your hand and play smart you are almost guaranteed a win. I continue to tweak it and am hoping to up the win-rate percentage. (Things like adding dawn-fang which stacks with Skooma Underboss ability and brotherhood sanctuary to gain up to 16 health in one turn or draw up to 4 cards, and can be given to any creature. The only reason I didn’t add Dawn-fang to the list is because it’s a new theory yet to be tested)

Wondering what other cards I should include?

What other cards have super strong synergies with one another?

TLDR: This is the important cards in my deck and their synergies. Wondering if anyone else has had success with similar decks.

Edit: When I say “up to” it assumes 3 brotherhood sanctuary’s in play.

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