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Thoughts on the current meta? PS: Control Rant

TheElderScrolls14 - Thoughts on the current meta? PS: Control Rant

I sometimes check the teslegends website for their thoughts on the current meta. In the past (before the "website crash"), I believe the decks were aggro warrior, aggro hlaalu, and maybe control tribunal.

I checked earlier and it seems they have changed. The decks are now Ramp Warrior, Conscription Telvanni, Control Tribunal and Tempo Sorcerer. Notice how all those decks run Endurance… that's a discussion for another time.

I've played roughly 30 games so far this month, most of them aggro warrior from pre-IOM. I enjoy the SMOrcing and fast games, yet it seems like I ALWAYS play Tribunal or Telvanni. Rarely do I face another aggro deck, which is usually Hlaalu or Crusader. And every now and then a spicy free win in the event that someone tries to do something creative. Such as an interesting Action Mage deck I played earlier.

In all honesty, I'm having a harder and harder time climbing the ladder. I think at this point I'm a decent player. Definitely not pro, yet definitely not novice. The fact that most of the decks I played against rely heavily on control, late-game, legendary cards is annoying.

I found it funny, frankly, when the community consensus on Ramp Warrior became largely critical and negative. A combo that is un-interactive and can generate incredible value if you're able to sink a powerhouse card early? Unfathomable to these people. Meanwhile, 99% of the decks they play are the solitaire control kind which remove cards directly from the board, and often from the game. Literally rendering a staple component of a game plan broken. Now that's the definition of un-interactive.


I sometimes watch streamers play these decks. A good portion of them have been with the game for years. This means they've had a lot of time to build their collection through simply playing. It also accounts for the early rendition of twitch drops, which were essentially free stuff for being a MrDestructiod and watching Exialles 24/7. And of course, the effect of luck and the occasional money dropped on a deal.

So these players, with a good grip on the game, lots of experience, and a collection that usually can build any deck they want; share their experience with us. Obviously I'm not omniscient, as many of you have already detected, so I speak from my experience.

These games are like making love to sandpaper. After turn 6, when control cards tend to get turned on, the game is pretty much a pissing contest. Make the mistake of putting something on the board? Make the mistake of developing your graveyard for some cheeky necrophiliac shenanigans? Make the mistake of moving towards the goal of the game to reduce your opponents health to zero? Well, you might as well fucking not because your opponent has an arsenal of anti-fun bombs to set your progress back to zero.

Watching a control mirror-match is like having a front row seat to a fucking Cold War. Seriously, these people bitch about aggro decks and getting SMOrc'd before turn 6…. well, after Turn 6 there's virtually no chance of winning unless our tumor-riddled minds decide to join in on the Control Action action. See what I did there 😉

In conclusion, I am a salty dog-fucker. If you play Tribunal, I hope that a Withered Hand Cultist sacrifices a goat and casts your soul into Oblivion.

Have a nice day.

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