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Tiber Septim 2.0 for TES6?

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There has been speculations about TES6 being set in High Rock and/or Hammerfell for quite some time now. For the main quest however, it’s always been politically-themed. Bretons are quite known to squabble amongst themselves for more power, and Hammerfell does have two factions that have been constantly fighting each other for centuries—the Crowns and the Forebears.

Of course, internal political struggles aren’t a new concept as there’s also a civil war happening in Skyrim.

Now, we can all agree that what the provinces of Tamriel desperately needs is to unite as one continent, one Empire ruling over the citizens of these various lands. We need another Tiber Septim-esque character. Tiber Septim remains as the only person that has successfully unified ALL of the provinces of Tamriel.

I mentioned that TES6 might be set in High Rock… and what is one of the supposed birthplace of Tiber Septim? High Rock. It does make sense for a seemingly normal mortal to rise into power just as Tiber Septim did.

It is also going to be quite ironic as the Dominion is actively banning Talos worship and out of nowhere, a reincarnation/avatar or someone similar to him will slowly seize the ruby throne with their achievements almost too alike. (This would actually mean that the player character can have the option to become the Emperor/Empress.)

Speaking of Emperors, it is quite a popular theory that Titus Mede II might have assassinated himself in order to become a martyr. Although unpopular to the people he served, he was still the Emperor. Not to mention that he was actually a decorated soldier before becoming the ruler of Tamriel.


Amaund Motierre mentioned Pelagius Septim’s assassination by the Dark Brotherhood (which ultimately ended the direct bloodline of Tiber Septim as he had no heirs… quite similar to Titus Mede II afaik he also had no heirs) and how his murder in turn made the Empire prosper. He was right. Kintyra Septim, Pelagius’ cousin, became Empress and the Empire was relatively wealthy and happy for a while… which just made me think that perhaps a Tiber Septim 2.0 will be the one to revive the dying Empire that Titus inherited. Through Pelagius’ death came an end to the Septim dynasty and the start of prosperity, and through Titus Mede II’s death came the end of his dynasty and an Empire basically on its knees for the birth of a newer and richer dynasty… which the player could start. After all, Tiber Septim was the one who started the Septim dynasty.

It is puzzling to me how Pelagius only ruled for three years, and yet the people’s disposition of him is still positive. What, he was just praying and suddenly DB assassin came to kill him? Just like how Titus just happened to be on a boat and he, too, was assassinated by a DB assassin?

Also, when you kill the Emperor before joining the Legion, you will only be asked to swear oath to the Emperor… not named yet or there isn’t one yet? I’m not quite sure about this but does the lore state to replace an Emperor as fast as possible? If there isn’t one yet crowned, then are the Emperor’s most trusted associates concocting a plan to hide his death until they find someone who can revive the Imperial crown to its former glory? Perhaps they are going to use the empty ruby throne as a prize to whoever has the power to unite the provinces and beat the Dominion?

It also makes perfect sense for Hammerfell and High Rock be both in TES6. Both full of political intrigue and combat techniques to learn, maybe the Skyrim civil war spilling over their borders.

Lastly, I do think that the timeline between Skyrim and TES6 would be quite close. Just as we’ve seen with how Oblivion’s events were only six years apart from Morrowind, for example. It is possible that we won’t have a 200 year time jump.

Corrections are welcome as I’m not the best with lore and I do hope this wasn’t posted before.


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