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TheElderScrolls13 - Tips for beginners!

So, I've seen a few posts which are beginners asking for advice and tips. So, I decided to make this handy wee list and hope that it helps people! It'll probably get forgotten and pushed down by all the no-proc and PvP changes, but it's the thought that counts!

  • Crafting. When I first started the game, I had just come from Skyrim (and I know a few newcomers may be in the same boat), so I was intimidated by the crafting. You can't quite spam the iron dagger over and over, unfortunately. What you CAN do, however, is turn on auto-loot and deconstruct EVERYTHING you loot! Enchanting, Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking, and Jewellery-crafting allow you to deconstruct things, which gives you materials and experience. Crafting writs are also a good source of XP and materials, so get on those dailies! Additionally, research EVERY trait you can. Which brings me to my second point…
  • Equipment sets. The more you research, the more you can craft. Each area has usually 3 special crafting stations which are marked on the map, and usually found outwith towns and settlements. These special crafting stations allow you to create equipment with set bonuses. Each set will have bonuses for 2, 3, 4, and 5 pieces worn. Two-handed weapons (including bows and staves) count as 2 slots. In the base game, each area requires a different number of traits researched for its crafting sets. For example, the Death's Wind set (in the first alliance areas ) requires you to have 2 traits researched on any equipment piece you want to craft in that set. So, if you have 2 traits researched in heavy chests, you can craft a Cuirass of Death's Wind. However, if you only have 1 trait researched in the greatsword, you cannot craft a Greatsword of Death's Wind.
  • Weave light attacks rather than relying on them. One thing I've noticed while playing the game is that a lot of low-level players tend to use only light attacks, and seem to completely ignore skills. Your skills are where your big damage is, so rely on them for 80% of the time. 15% should be spamming the light attack button to get some bonus damage in and build Ultimate, and the last 5% should be dedicated to heavy attacks, so you can replenish your resources. Yes, heavy attacks actually give you BACK stamina (on melee weapons) and magicka (on staves), rather than them COSTING resources.
  • Join a guild! Guilds are a good source of help, whether it's for a particularly tough area, advice for your build, or even providing you with good equipment. Friendly guilds are almost always recruiting, and once you're more confident and comfortable with the game, you could run along on group dungeons, Trial runs, and perhaps become a tycoon and partake in a trading guild.
  • Avoid PvP. The PvP may have been altered quite a bit with the latest update, but still… just… no.
  • WEREWOLF AND VAMPIRE BITES ARE FREE. If you don't feel like waiting for the ingame full moon events, other players can bite you and give you lycanthropy or sanguinaris. Some players are still stuck in the past, though, and will try to charge you money for these bites. Do NOT do it. A guildmate will be more than happy to give you a nibble, and the chances are that any decent player will gladly chomp you.
  • Most importantly… have fun! Want to play with others? Play by yourself? Do only the story mission? Completely EVER SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT? Conquer Cyrodill? Make your name in the Battlegrounds? Whatever you want, go for it! Play however you want. Mage, warrior, rogue, thief, assassin, spellsword, adventurer, villain, it is YOUR character. YOUR adventure. YOUR story. Play in a way that makes you smile.

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