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Tips for Running Dungeons With Minimal Deaths

TheElderScrolls2 - Tips for Running Dungeons With Minimal Deaths

Sup y'all

A while ago I made a post about possibly healing on ESO and since then I've done a whole lot on a healer. I enjoy running pledges and find it's easier to get things done when you're one of the roles most people are missing.

However I've found that there's a lot of mistakes other people in my groups are making that they might not really think much about. So here I am, imparting wisdom, so that you guys can help make dungeon runs a lot smoother.

(NOTE: For experienced, long-time players these are prolly no-brainers but some people are still learning. This post is for them.)

  1. BUFF FOOD. HAVE SOME. If you only have 13k health you'll probably get one-shotted. In dungeons, even on normal, you should have at least 18k health if you're a DD. Tanks obviously need more. Don't make your healer stress about keeping you alive in dlc/vet content because you can't even pop one of those crown fortifying meals.

  2. LEARN MECHANICS. DLC dungeons are usually pretty mechanic heavy. For some of em, you can just out-dps the mechs on normal but if you have low dps or bad group coordination this isn't always an option. Know what attacks to block, what to dodge, what enemies to go for first to prevent wiping. Healer cannot outheal mechanics that are meant to wipe the whole group if not interrupted. Think Unhallowed Grave. If you don't know mechs, ask the group to wait so you can pull them up online or ask them to be explained. People will help.

  3. STACK. Stacking is when everyone stands close together to get the most out of and make it easier for healer/tank to lay down AoE heals/buffs/etc. I shouldn't have to chase you to heal you because you're running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Tank in front of boss taking aggro, dds behind boss to do damage and the healer behind the dds is the best setup. If you're in front of the tank or behind the healer, you're in the wrong place.

  4. DON'T QUEUE FOR CONTENT YOU CAN'T DO. By this I mean don't queue for vet or difficult dlc dungeons if you have hella low dps or if you have bad sustain or if you are a tank with bad gear, or whatever. If we are in a dungeon and the healer is doing 30%+ of the group damage with their 5k dps, we're in trouble.

  5. USE THE ORBS. If you see a synergy pop up on your screen it's probably best you use it. I have "this group needs orbs!!!" flashing up on my screen all the time despite having put out energy orbs because people don't use them to refill their empty resources. They're there for you to use, especially if you can't sustain very well. Running out of resources at a bad time could kill you.

  6. REZ THE HEALER/TANK IF THEY DIE. This shouldn't really be an issue if you have good group dps and know what you're doing but sometimes accidents happen (or I miss a mechanic because I'm chasing/healing people who can't stay still) and the healer/tank will die. They should be your priority if you're a dd. This goes double if you are particularly squishy or have low dps in a hard dungeon. Healer down could mean the difference between a clear and a wipe, and if the tank goes down too, you're screwed.

  7. And finally DON'T STAND IN STUPID. Don't stand in the poison. Don't stand in the red AOEs. Don't stand in front of the boss's heavy attack. Don't stand in lava. Don't stand in the electric shock stuff. Don't stand in that shadow stuff. Don't blame healer or tank for your health being low. Learn to move your ass. In some normal content, you can out-dps this or the healer can out-heal it but it makes it a lot more stressful. Sometimes it'll even insta-kill you. In vet content (and trials) it'll kill you pretty quick so it's good to build the habit of avoiding it while it isn't so bad. Be aware of your surroundings.

These mistakes by themselves won't always make or break a group – especially in base game normal – but if everyone in the group is making multiple mistakes, that's when things start going sideways. If you're considerate and aware, and keep these things in mind, dungeon runs should be no problem.

Hope this helps y'all.

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