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Tired of losing to Ramp Warrior and Telvanni? Have I got a deck for you!

TheElderScrolls12 - Tired of losing to Ramp Warrior and Telvanni? Have I got a deck for you!

Tired of losing to degenerate decks that get to play their own wincon from hand? Why not double down and play something degenerate too. Well, since control is obviously in an incredibly healthy place right now have I got a deck for you guys! Since the requisite ability to play around stuff like Flesh Atro OTK and PBE OTK is "don't play cards" I've designed a perfectly healthy control deck that take the fight to their… uhh hand!. No more living in fear of dying to flesh atro OTK or Ramp Warrior playing out numerous big threats! Journey Cons a scary factor? Just Memory Wraith their graveyard and Twilight the two drops out of their decks! Enjoy having the prerogative in these matchups because if they want to play around your cast of time they play into your deathpriest! Its really ingenious and the pinnacle of a healthy control meta! Gone are the days of playing creatures in control mirror on ladder and the days of interacting with our hands and graveyards are here! Lets talk about the deck choices that will really give your opponents a fun time on ladder!

Luzrah – Luzrah is the hidden greed in the deck. Its a 2 drop so very deceptive. But it allows your Necromancers to bring back your interactive gameplay tools like Shadowfen, Twilight, Deathpriest, and so on.

Grisly Gourmet – This cards power lies in its ability to remove Necromancer targets. Its quite simple to stop recursion patterns of draw with a well timed Gourmet. Also it leaves Sweetrolls on board for your immolating blasts later in the game!

Dawnbreaker – Why not! There's plenty of undead running around out there so why not be able to develop a threat AND kill a Shade/Barrow/Ancestor/NTL while you're at it. The tempo swings this card allows are perfectly fine.

Piercing Twilight/Cast Into Time – You know what everyone who played Tribunal pre-Frost Spark thought? Tribunal really needed a way to punish you for playing cards. The meta's perfectly fine when Tribunal has a card that punishes you for playing your best cards on curve. But guess what they synergize incredibly well with our next card of choice!


Hallowed Deathpriest – This is the bright and shiny light of the deck. You see, our opponents now know they're not allowed to play anything scary because it will get casted into time or twilighted. This is where this baby comes into play! Since they can't play these cards out they… well they sit in their opponents hand! So what does that leave us with the ability to do? Interact with their hand with zero counter play available since we've already established they can't play those cards out anyway! Wow its such a great and interactive synergy that really helps Tribunal feel incredibly fun to play against.

Memory Wraith – Gone are the days of Paarth soul tear loops and TC journies. We just memory wraith them now! They can't even hold Paarth anymore because it'll just get deathpriested! How to stop those Flesh Atro OTK's? Meme Wraith! How to stop journey outvaluing you? Meme Wraith! Those doomcrags cycling a bit to fast for your liking? Meme Wraith! and they can't even do anything about it. Its quite wonderful really.

Shadowfen – There's not better way to ruin some support based control deck by repeatedly removing those supports!

Ice Storm/Dawns/Immo Blast – Well the decks not quite build to beat aggro but these are catchup tools. Its also impossible to play around all three at once.

Have fun on ladder and be safe interacting in healthy ways with your opponents!


obOBQJk - Tired of losing to Ramp Warrior and Telvanni? Have I got a deck for you!

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