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So what are PUG-killers?

For those who don’t know PUG = Pickup Group, which is basically random people with whom you complete dungeons.

And PUG-killers are the bosses that are not necessarily the hardest bosses in the game, but a tricky ones. They can easily turn your pug dungeon journey into a wipe-fest with a bunch of sweet rage-quits in the end. Usually a boss become a pug-killer if the group doesn’t know mechanics, have a low dps, or unexperienced players.

If you watch Xynode, in his guides he call nearly every hard-ish boss a pug-killer. Maybe he’s right, but in my personal experience some of them were not as hard at all and my pugs did them pretty well. So it’s all comes down to one’s experience.

Here are my Top 10 PUG-killers in ESO from easiest to hardest (vet, non HM):

(I won’t be mentioning any base game bosses because I feel that it’s impossible to wipe there, unless you have zero dps or you’re a completely new to the game)

1) Fang Lair – Thurvokun

Not really a pug-killer, because since you’re already there, you must be doing something right. This boss is here mainly for the Top 10 purpose. Thurvokun can cause some serious problems and most of the times it will be mainly a tank fault. If your tank doesn’t know how to deal with shalks by himself, all group are going to wipe (tip – immobilize them with your class CC).

2) Bloodroot Forge – final boss

As the previous boss, this one is mainly here for the 10 places. I tanked Bloodroot 3 times and only 1 time I was dying a lot – when I was a newbie tank without any vet DLC experience. Other 2 times went pretty well.

3) Ruins of Mazzatun – final boss

Imagine doing it with low dps pug who doesn’t know mechs and without mics. Yeah. This place is actually pretty easy, but if you don’t know what to do – it’s evil with its totems (dps check) and curses (team-work check).

4) March of Sacrifices – Tarcyr

Motherfuc… I hate that deer. Annoying mechanics especially with a good old pugs who always run into stuff and each other, casting stuff while sneaking and so on.

5) Scalecaller Peak – Trolls

Trolls are pretty fun guys mechanics wise and they can be quite deadly as well. When I was trying to beat that dungeon for the first time ever with some pugs we always wiped there.

The key points are: 1) tank must taunt the big troll or both of them but must keep them away from each other, 2) when troll makes circle AOE, you must stand into ice circe AOE to not get oneshoted, 3) hide behind ice pillars and interrupt middle boss when he’s calling for skeevers. Easy, but not with a noob pug.

Last boss can be tough too, but if you’re already that far along the way, you’ll definitely beat him at some point.


6) Imperial City Prison – Flesh Sculptor

It’s the main reason why vICP is any hard. Because a lot of the times people wipe there. The reasons are – not knowing mechanics and low dps. Mechanics there is crucial, because if you won’t be destroying zombies with a synergies, a shit ton of flesh atros will spawn and you’ll wipe, because usually unexperienced DDs don’t have much dps and they can’t kill the atros before they get enrage and kill everything.

7) Lair of Maarselok — all bosses except the first one

Every boss here can be a pain in the ass. With a low dps group “cancer” boss and “a lot of things going on” boss fights can last forever. I mean it. It’s probably my least favorite dungeon in the game and I’d rather do Darkshade Caverns on my millionth time than go into LoM with a pug ever again.

8) Frostvault – laser boss

Yesterday I tanked FV my 4th time and I guess it was the only time we were there for a least than an hour. So yeah, we did laser boss pretty fast – it took us like 5 tries, I don’t remember. Not hard fight if you and your group know what to do, and really hard boss if you’re new to that dungeon.

9) Depths of Malatar – Symphony of Blades' second phase

I’ve done this dungeon several times by now and only one time I beat it till the end. The reason is Symphony of Blades’ second phase. And since I’m a tank I guess 50% of it or even more is my fault. Only lately I learned the tactic in which you have to stay really really close to the edge if you don’t want to get hit by a living wall. First time I beat that dungeon we were running all over the place and eventually killed the boss – a lot of tries + decent dps.

10) Moon Hunter Keep – ALL OF THEM

First place hands down. Lately I’ve been tanking MHK for my second time and I was noobing really bad at Vykosa. Maybe because my group was overburning mechanics and a lot of adds were spawn or maybe because I’m still not experienced enough. Eventually beat it though. That time I understood once again how hard that dungeon is. Honestly, it’s like MHK is a pro NBA team and the rest of the dungeons are high school kids. It’s unbelievable. Literally every boss there can be a pug-killer. Especially the Archivist. Oh boy, it’s really a definition of a wipe-fest for me. Vykosa too.

Once again, it’s not a “hardest bosses” list, it’s a “pug-killers” list. The ranking isn’t perfect but I feel like a lot of good points were made. Thanks for reading.

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