The Elder Scrolls

Top 30 Controversial Moments in TESL History in Book Title Form

TheElderScrolls2 - Top 30 Controversial Moments in TESL History in Book Title Form

Sorry, I came up a few short of 30. About to fall asleep. In any case, let's begin. In no particular order:

Those Were the Days: A Mantikora's Memoir on the Early Years

Winning At All Costs: A Treatise by K. Saidn

The Madness of Drain Vitality – 1 Year of Unfettered Dominance

A Team's Guide On How to Manipulate Your Way to Maximize Twitch Viewers with Minimal Effort (Prophecy Part 1)

The Era of the Nix-Ox Assassin – Gone, But Not Forgotten (lest history repeat itself)

How to Make Money Online as a Lazy Gamer While Playing by the Rules

Why Salt is the Best Condiment to Go With Tuna Fish – A Free E-book

How to Exile an Entire Community and Win All of the Drop Farmers in Modern Day Twitch

To Finish Your Opponent or Not: A Guide on Dragging Out the Inevitable and Making Them Suffer

A New Day, A New King: How Conscription Filled the Vacuum Left Behind from Drain Vitality

When the Frost Falls, The Spark Ignites: A Short Love Story

A Short Memoir and Recollection on the Horrors Committed by Bringer of Nightmares

Contract Law 101 and How It Will Impact Your Game's Development Pace

High Effort or Don't Bother At All: 50 Tricks on How To Avoid Your Posts from Getting Removed in Popular Discussion Forums

Roping 101: The Art of Tying Knots and Dragging Things Out

The Art of the Snowball: Leveraging Small Advantages Like the Ring to Make Insurmountable 2 Turn Leads in CCGs

From the Shadows: How a Small South American Village Banded Together to Overcome the Redesign of their Beloved Church

Madness Beckons: Giving it Your All When There's Literally Nothing to Be Gained from It

The Dominance of 9: How to Gain Supreme Leverage Over your Competition

How to Channel Anger and Rage into an Unstoppable Will to Win

The Legend of the Stone House Named Mundus: Part I of the King Arthur Fantasy Trilogy

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Conceal Your Hand: A Modern Day Take On The Prince to Guard Your Intentions from Snipers

How to Conquer Small Ponds as a Big Fish By Taking Your Skills to Casual

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