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Top 5 Fringe Nerf Candidates

TheElderScrolls4 - Top 5 Fringe Nerf Candidates

Skipping over the usual candidates that people would deem so strongly for a nerf that they already made premium copies (looking at you, Spoils/Debilitate/Namira etc.), I started compiling a list on Twitter looking at cards that are really strong in their own right but not many people deem nerf worthy. These cards aren't meta changers but they make waves when they are played and are pretty much auto-includes in most lists that can run them.

  1. Luzrah. Probably the most controversial card on the list. Here's the thing, when you stick amazing upside on a 2/3 for 2 body, it's almost always going to get played. Looking at you, Barrow Stalker, Cleric, Dragontail Savior, Awakened Dreamer, and Pawnbroker. The problem with Luzrah though is that she just wins games on her own. Combo'ing her on turn 8 for a cumulatively free +4/+4 stats is insane, while the threat of leaving her alive on the turns leading up to turn 6 is far too great. I'd like to see a drawback (such as being turned into a 2/2), or the impact of the effect scaled back to +1/+1. In short, she is a 2-cost card that straight up wins games but is being ignored due to Sader-style/Slay/Burn archetypes getting most of the attention.

  2. Wilds Incarnate. Our little moose friend. When you look at this card in an aggro deck, it's perfectly acceptable. It's a reasonable draw engine for a deck like Mid Sorcerer to punish Control opponents for not going face. The problem here is when Control is so good that it is able to leverage the benefits of Moose against Aggro. Add in that the Ring of Magicka is way too impactful on the early game and becomes a factor on whether or not a Control player can proc Moose, and you have a recipe for a card that is pretty low player agency from the aggro vs. control perspective. I'd like to see the statline scaled back to 5/5 or switched to 6/5, so as to be more tilted for aggressive players while being less impactful for Control players who manage to pull it off against Aggro. I'd say 5/5 to be safe, otherwise it could turn into a "proactive control beatdown" card with 6 power.

  3. Varen. Many would argue that he is the best card from Alliance War, pretty much auto-include in any yellow deck from Aggro Hlaalu to Control Tribunal. If there's any theme to follow so far, I don't like cards that all archetypes can abuse equally, so I really think he needs to be scaled down. The Black Dragon is in a perfect state where you see players choosing whether or not to include him based on how much lethal is in the meta, although a lot of people do throw him in as a good stuff card anyways. Varen going to 4/5 would make players think twice before throwing him in every single yellow deck they have ever built post-Alliance War. Varen is the best goalie in the game making more saves than Tim Thomas' legendary 2011 Stanley Cup run.

  4. (& 5.) Syl/Thadon. These cards are insanely statted for how they permanently change the entire flow of the game. They are "answer now or lose" cards in the majority of cases. I'd like to see them both at 6/6 to give opposing players a better chance to deal with them. Syl by herself presents 9 damage to face the following turn if she isn't dealt with. She makes Lyris Titanborn look like she's wielding a plastic straw instead of a giant battleaxe.

So that's it. We have 3 more expansions this year, probably chock full of more unique legendaries. I think it is important to not let them get out of hand it's not a great feeling when games are decided by playing 5+ uniques. I know there are bigger problems in the game right now, but I think they are simply masking some of these.

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