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Top cards in the game pre Isle of Madness

TheElderScrolls10 - Top cards in the game pre Isle of Madness

Let's continue our tradition to make top cards list before a big expansion is going to be released.

Nearly a year ago nerazzuri created the same topic before morrowind came out (you can find it here and now it's interesting to see how things have changed since then. Now we have three color decks, some cards have been changed during this year and some small expansions also influenced the current situation.

Everybody can have his own criteria how to judge the power of the card. Personally I've decided to omit unique legendaries and I encourage everybody to do the same (cause they are UNIQUE and supposed to be game changing). I also tend to value a card higher if it's used in many type of decks.

My list:

20) LIGHTNING BOLT (action, blue, common, core) Strangely enough that bolt nowadays is more likely to be used in aggro/mid style of decks but I’m not sure that it’s correct. “Bolt range” still identifies a lot of various aspects of the game.

19) WILDS INCARNATE (creature, neutral, legendary, frostspark collection) I have to admit that I was as skeptical as a lot of other people when it was released and it turned out to be not as bad as it could be. Every combination of color has access to it, it has decent stats with guard, it makes your opponent be more aggressive trying to deny Moose value and even playing it without triggering sometimes can be very useful. Maybe I overrate it slightly.

18) DIVINE FERVOR (support, yellow, epic, core) Tokenish style decks evolved from typical full yellow lists (though still it's quite strong and can be encountered from time to time) to tri-colour "best available options in each slot" type of decks where Divine is always a very important part of them.

17) STEEL SCIMITAR (item, red, common, core) Probably it’s the best item in the game.

16) MOURNHOLD TRAITOR (creature, green, epic, core) The best turn 2 in the game?

15) CLOUDREST ILLUSIONIST (creature, yellow, epic, core) Huge prophecy + game breaking if played on curve using her effect.

14) HAUNTING SPIRIT (creature, purple, epic, core) One of the best 3 drops available in the game. In my opinion it’s one of the candidates to be nerfed in the future.

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13) MERCHANT'S CAMEL (creature, neutral, common, madhouse collection)/INDORIL MASTERMIND (creature, purple, rare, Houses of Morrowind) With 75 cards restriction in tri color decks cycling has become very important and these two dudes carry out this work very well.

12) WITHERED HAND CULTIST (creature, red, epic, core) Control killer which can be useful against other strategies as well because a lot of other decks still rely on some good actions.

11) Hive Defender (creature, yellow, rare, core) All time member of such lists.


10) EARTHBONE SPINNER (creature, red, epic, core) I still prefer her over sharpshooter most of the times. It’s used nearly in any type of decks but nowadays quite rarely with all 3 copies. Silence + ping + 3/2 body for 4 mana = very strong and versatile card.

9) SHRIEKING HARPY (creature, blue, rare, core)/SANCTUARY PET (creature, green, common, The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood) Great tools for stalling, denying undesirable trades and so on.

8) FIFTH LEGION TRAINER (creature, yellow, rare, core)/ORC CLAN CAPTAIN (creature, red, rare, core) Yes these cards differ but I’ve decided to put them together because a lot of the times they do nearly the same thing with own style. A backbone of many aggro lists which have a good synergy with a lot of other cards.

7) HAND OF DAGOTH (creature, tri-color, epic, Houses of Morrowind) The only one tri-color card in my list. Even after the nerf it’s super strong and wins games by itself quite often.

6) SORCERER'S NEGATION (action, double color, rare, Heroes of Skyrim) It was just good when only Sorc had access to it but after Morrowind expansion this card became must have for every possible color combination.

5) TULLIUS' CONSCRIPTION (action, neutral, epic, Forgotten Hero Collection) Yes it’s weaker after the nerf but still a very good value generator and one of the cards to build a deck around.

4) WARDCRAFTER (creature, blue, rare, core) It’s found everywhere and good almost at any stage of the game. The best 2 drop in the game.

3) ICE STORM (action, blue, epic, core) Still the best AOE in the game which always should be respected and played around.

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2) SOWER OF REVENGE (creature, double color, epic, monthly) Just too strong nothing else to say.

1) ODIRNIRAN NECROMANCER (creature, purple, legendary, Houses of Morrowind) I can’t say with a full confidence that this card is the best in the game but in my opinion it’s no doubt one of the best and still has a great potential to become only stronger. It buffed a lot of other cards as well.


• 2 legendaries, 10 epics, 7 rares, 4 commons Epics and rare dominance

• 14 core set, 1 monthly, 1 frostspark collection, 1 madhouse collection, 1 The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, 1 Heroes of Skyrim, 1 Forgotten Hero Collection , 3 Houses of Morrowind Core set still dictates the overall power level of other cards.

• 4 red, 4 yellow, 4 blue, 3 purple , 3 neutral, 2 green, 2 double color, 1 tri-color I’m surprised but for me color distribution is quite equal

• 17 creatures, 4 actions, 1 support, 1 item

The most overrated card: probably gambler? Not weak but not as strong as some people tend to think.

Other opinions and thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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