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Tri-Color Needs to be A Separate Format, or Removed from the Game

TheElderScrolls9 - Tri-Color Needs to be A Separate Format, or Removed from the Game

Its the only solution. Because right now, there are two types of decks competing in this game: Tribunal, and decks that can beat Tribunal. If your deck has a low win chance against Tribunal, its irrelevant. Even in casual matchups. The only matchup that matters, for any deck, right now, is Tribunal.

This is has created situations to wherein you are either playing Control – which again, means Tribunal, since no other option is viable – or you are playing hyper-aggressive speed decks to beat Tribunal.

The End Game:

So where does this go from here: Simple. Cast into Time gets nerfed. Indoril Archmage gets (another) Nerf, this time probably losing draw and getting a look at the top two and stack them effect instead. Numerous late game removal and creature options from Endurance get nerfs.

And people are happy. For a short while.

Because then Aggro goes on a mad tear through the Meta. And it OWNS. Games are over in 3 minutes. Opening hands begin to decide games to a gross degree. And Aggro gets massive nerfs.

And before we know it, thanks to nerfs to and resulting from Tribunal, Sorc, Mage, Archer and Crusader have all been nerfed into uselessness and we are playing former tier 2 and 3 decks because everything tier 1 has been nerfed. Meaning all the time, money and gems we invested have been rendered a waste.


Nip this in the Bud. Right. Now:

Either give us the remaining tri color combinations and break it off into its own format, or kill tri color as the (Dire Wolf) mistake it was. Because right now, Tribunal has combined the best mid range class, two of the best card drawing classes, ALL OF the best removal classes and two of the best late game classes…into A SINGLE DECK.

And the only way to stop the tumbling cascade down the slippery slope of NERF EVERYTHING, is to stop forcing Archer, Mage, Sorc, etc to compete with a whole other class of decks.

Which is why I propose a new format with a one turn ring, 5 card opening hand and 75 card deck minimum, exclusively for tri color. And if thats all players ever play, fine; focus on that going forward. But if the majority of us stick to the old dual color classes instead, then please…PAY ATTENTION to that.

But this game is headed in a dark direction right now. And I do not want to see us go down the Hearthstone "Nerf Classic into Uselessness" road. I hesitate to make such a bold prediction, but…I dont think this game will survive that path.

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