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Trials, Progression, and Drop: Some Observations and Suggested Changes

TheElderScrolls12 - Trials, Progression, and Drop: Some Observations and Suggested Changes

To begin, I would like to thank ZOS for providing SS as one of the more accessible trials that players have gotten in quite some time. I reference the overall difficulty of the experience and item drops as my reasoning.

The normal gear acquisition is fine but the split up of rewards on vet is admirable. That each boss on vet drops perfected gear really pushes the engagement of those who for the last year-and-a-half saw no need to go into vet trials. Progression has its rewards and encourages you to keep moving forward. As such I believe that we are seeing a much higher completion rate of the new trial on veteran than the last two. I would hope that ZOS could make some changes to the drops for VAS and VCR to help get more general players to attempt it and complete it.

For the last year and a half I feel that the trial design and reward allocations have seriously hampered regular players from approaching them. Asylum Sanctorium began this with a truncated approach of just the bosses and no adds which is perfectly fine. Where I feel it erred was in the rewarding of perfected gear for only VAS+2 completion. As such many groups farmed it only on normal, ignoring veteran unless doing a weekly leaderboard run or as a high level group progressing for a +2 completion. This discouraged many from attempting it and/or learning vet mechanics.


I would suggestion order to correct this that VAS completion provide a chance of a perfected weapon drop in lieu of the normal weapons. The completion of +1 would increase that drop chance while a completion of +2 would guarantee it. This would work similar to motif drops in vet dungeons and pushes for more engagement.

Cloudrest erred in making gear very easy to drop on normal and yet very difficult to get on vet, locked behind 4 bosses in order to get pieces. The vast majority of people again farmed only normal and saw no need to attempt on vet. Again this is poor engagement design.

A remedy for Cloudrest is to again have a chance at a perfected gear drop from the completion of every boss on Vet. Each of the three could be split like gear sets in overland zones: one offering a small chance at waists and boots, another offering chests, hands, and shoulders, etc. Again this pushes for engagement from the larger ESO community rather than just the hard-focused trial groups. Nothing is guaranteed unless you complete all 4 but the attempt at doing so has the potential for rewarding you for trying.

Hopefully these changes could be implemented with little trouble and wouldn’t aggravate the hardcore community whose real reward for the +2 and +3 completions are the skins much like VSS has the senche for them.

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