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TheElderScrolls5 - Tribunal Event Guide

Hey all, I wanted to share my Tribunal event guide with you since it is upon us tomorrow.

I have the video linked below and a short summary of the event in written form. I am excited to participate in the event. Make sure to add anything I missed that is key.

Event time: 10 am EST on February 25th to 10 am EST on March 9th.

You can participate in this in the Clockwork City zone and Vvardenfell.

How to participate:

Completing daily quests

Harvesting resource nodes

Public dungeons

Overland activities

Final bosses of the trials Asylum Sanctorium and Halls of Fabrication.

Rewards you can earn:

Double reward boxes from daily quests. Overland bosses have increased rewards as a chance. World and public dungeon bosses can drop the new Doctrine ordinator style. The final bosses of asylum sanctorium and halls of fabrication have a guaranteed drop of the Doctrine ordinator style. Increased harvesting of resource nodes.

When you complete your first daily quest of the day you get a glorious tribunal box which have an increased chance to earn the slag town skin runebox, fabricant pet fragments, and the momento.

Every time you complete a daily you will get a normal tribunal box which has various rewards in it.

To get your event tickets you get one ticket for turning in your first Vvardenfell daily quest each day. And you get one from turning in your first clockwork city daily quest each day.


The easiest way to do daily quests is just to complete the “Divine Conundrum” quest which is the first part of the Morrowind line. There are additional dailies in Morrowind but I just stick to the first ones since it’s an easy time entry level. The dailies are then found in the halls of judgement in Vivec city.

For clockwork there are 4 possible dailies but the two easiest ones are the delves and world bosses. To get the delve dailies make sure to complete the associated delve quests at the entrance of the two delves. The world boss daily doesn’t require any prerequisites.

For event tickets you can only earn 2 per day per account.

Make sure to not have full event tickets (12/12) when you turn in your quests since you will then lose your event ticket for the day. (I’ve done this, don’t do it, it will make you rage)

I have a morpholith pet guide as well, but real quick, you need three of base pet fragments, 15 total event tickets.

Then there will be 3 upgrade skin fragments 30 event tickets each. In this event ONLY two of the 3 upgrade fragments are available. The last one will be in the next event!

Besides that though I hope this was a solid summary for you all, have fun!

ESO Tribunal Event Guide 2021 – The Fastest Way to Farm Tribunal Boxes

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