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Try out some creative backstories for your characters!

TheElderScrolls2 - Try out some creative backstories for your characters!

I've played this game since launch. After going through all the base game content on my main character, I decided to work on my alternate characters that I had used as storage alts forever ago. That lead to a massive burnout on the game that I could never overcome. I've played many games since then and gave ESO a couple chances but just never grasped it again, thought I never would. I played Morrowind the moment it came out and Summerset quite some time after its release, but stopped again.

Then Greymoor came out and I couldn't resist going back to my favorite place. Then the Summerset event started up and I used the opportunity to get reacquainted with my other characters, including the two new additions to the crew, a Warden and Necromancer.

One of my favorite things in life is podcasts, and over the years i've heard many. Including DnD podcasts such as "Not Another DnD Podcast", which gave me some inspiration for creating some backstory for my characters.

Creating a backstory for my characters increased my affection for ESO tenfold! My main is an alternate reality version of myself who dropped into Tamriel after being sucked into a portal behind a Whataburger. My Bosmer is a traditional Valenwood resident who wanted to explore. My Orsimer was a holy knight of Trinimac that left Wrothgar due to differences of opinion. My Khajiit was an adept in the Mage's Guild who got turned into a Vampire while out on a mission for the Guild and went AWOL. My Argonian was living it up in Blackmarsh, one with nature, then his family was snatched up by Dark Elf slavers and he's been hunting down his family ever since while trying to be the best Argonian he can possibly be, spreading the love for nature wherever he goes. Then there's my Altmer who lived on Arteum studying the magical arts until he discovered one of Mannimarco's old dusty journals. He picked up on necromancy real fast, and like most necromancers, was caught while practicing on corpses and promptly kicked out of Arteum.


My connection story is that my main character met each of these guys while out adventuring. He offered them kindness and shared his housing with them after becoming good friends. Now they are a group of loyal friends who work together to get what they need to live and prosper through a shared bank account they all contribute to.

They just pooled together enough money to buy the home in Solitude! Which is now their main house, each of which has their own spot in the home to call their own.

If you haven't yet, I would recommend creating some backstory for your characters. You don't have to go full roleplay mode and act purely according to what the character would do though. I found it really helps add some context to your characters and improve your own reception of the game.

Also, anybody know of a roleplay addon that lets me save a backstory of each character in the game?

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