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TheElderScrolls14 - Trying to get better at dps

Coming from other MMO's im finding that this game is actually quite mechanically demanding when it comes to dealing damage in a PvE setting, like significantly harder. I've been playing this game pretty hardcore for about 3 weeks and im gearing up to do veteran trials at CP 200, and maybe the best way to ask this question is to explain how I think the game works and you tell me if im wrong?

In most western MMO's the gcd is around 1.5 secs, and animation cancelling is pretty much a very niche thing. In this game the GCD is much faster at 1 sec, and to top it off you absolutely must animation cancel, and not just a few key abilities but EVERY ability you are performing some kind of animation cancel.

That is the light attack into any ability cancel or weave.

Now I did some scuffed testing on a dummy, and I get roughly 1.5 light attacks per second spamming my right mouse button. So lets say LA has a 666ms animation. Looking at how fast im able to right click into an ability I can usually get that time down to about 100ms in between. That means im cutting 566 milliseconds off the LA animation and going directly into an ability and in the span of 100ms doing both a LA and the skill damage. However there is now a 1000 ms (1 sec) global cooldown that is applied because I used a skill. And no matter how much I tried I could not find anyway to deal any damage in that 1000 ms window. I could animation cancel a skill by say rolling, blocking etc… however I would always have to wait for the 1000 ms timer to run out before being able to LA again.


What this means is that unlike in other MMO's or games where it is very easy to use skills on time thanks to skill queing, which is basically when you input an ability while the GCD is still active the game will queue that ability and fire it as soon as the GCD has ended. For example say we have a 1000ms GCD and I use attack X then 600ms after I use attack Y, attack Y will then fire 400ms later. This makes up for latency, makes using abilities pretty smooth even with not so great timing etc… And this does seem to be present in ESO, although its absolutely awful for this game, its the last thing you would ever want to happen simply because if you queue up an ability after another one you just biffed your LA weave. So timing is paramount in this game and that's something I have been having a hell of a time getting used to. And no matter how good you are you will always be losing some MS in between.

So if what im saying above is true or at least pretty close, the way you get better at DPS in this game is simply being able to get into a very precise rythm of using a LA at ideally exact intervals, but not only that… but also being able to cancel these LA as fast as humanely possible because the longer you wait to cancel the more time that is lost. And then going through what ever your class rotation is while doing this?

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