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Hey guys, for any and all Elder Scrolls + D&D fans out there, here's a Playable Race for D&D called Tseasci. It can be used either for a Tamriel campaign (if anyone's actually doing those) or just in standard D&D, like I am. Just think of a way you made it here from a far away continent, is my advice. Feel free to use if interested!

Tseasci – From TES

Quick Hands. Tseasci are generally very nimble. Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Resilience. Due to your snake-like body, you have resistence to poision damage and advantage on saving throws against all poisons.

Scent Detection. Sticking your forked tongue out, you find it very easy to detect smells and scents. For all perception checks based on smell, you have advantage on the skill check. This includes detecting life-forms, so long as it is a species you have already encountered during your life. To use this trait on lifeforms, you must explicitly say that you are searching for the scent of lifeforms. Their scents do not travel far, though, and you can only smell lifeforms within 60 feet.

Tseasci Immortality. This race of Snake-Men from a far-away continent actually have no true lifespan, and they live forever unless they succumb to illness or die in battle. Little is known of Tseasci culture and tradition due to very little contact with members of their species, but it is assumed that Tseasci reach adulthood at around fifty years of age.

Alignment. Nearly all known members of the Tseasci race have been hostile to others, and it is assumed they tend to align either chaotic neutral or lawful evil. Whether this is biologically ingrained in their minds or due to their culture and upbringing, is not widely known.

Size. Tseasci tend to stand with about half of their bodies, with the rest on the floor to provide balance. Standing like this, they tend to be 5 to 7 feet tall.


Weight. Due to your snake-like density, you are very, very heavy. You weight somewhere around 1000 to 1500 pounds.

Slithering Speed. Tseasci are very fast while slithering on their snake-like lower bodies. Your movement speed is 35 feet.

Hypnotic Stare. Staring into your eyes, most individuals will feel a certain tug on their minds that will make them more susceptible to your will. Once a day between long rests, you can use this ability on a humanoid target that can see you to get advantage on skill checks that would charm or persuade them.

Languages. You can read and speak Tseasci (although your character will probably be one of the few of your race alive on the continent) and Common.

Tseasci Combat Training. In the few times in recorded history that Tseasci were sighted, they fought extremely well in small and organized units, where defending the warriors one’s left and right was imperative (similar to Spartan Hoplites, if it helps to imagine it). If you find yourself standing in between two allies during combat, and one of them is attacked with a melee weapon attack, you can use your reaction to roll a Dexterity saving throw to try and block it. If you roll higher than the enemy’s attack roll, you successfully block the attack, and your ally takes no damage, if you roll less, than your ally takes half damage.
Choice equipment for Tseasci soldiers was a one-handed weapon and a shield. You are proficient in all One-handed and Versatile Weapons and Shields. Tseasci warriors were also trained to wear Dragonscale Armour. You are proficient in Light and Medium Armours.

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