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Understanding ESO weapon/jewelry drop chance in dungeons, and some tips for farming

TheElderScrolls4 - Understanding ESO weapon/jewelry drop chance in dungeons, and some tips for farming

From last boss:


Weapon: 1/39 is ~2.5% chance, cut in half because of chance to get jewelry, so ~1.25% chance to get desired weapon

Jewelry: 1/6 is 16.6% chance, cut in half because of chance to get weapon, so ~8.3% chance to get desired necklace or ring

From dungeon chests:

Set items will also be found in any chest type, including weapons and jewelry, but chests also have non-set items in their drop tables (Rubedite Sword, Arcane Necklace, etc).

Chests do not seem to split chance between jewelry and weapons 50/50. It is likely that all set and non-set items are on the same loot table. If this is the case:

22 total items per set x 3 sets = 1/66 + all non-set items in loot table = less than 1/66 (1.5%) chance to get desired armor, weapon, or jewelry type from any dungeon chest.

From miscellaneous non-boss enemies:

A very slight chance to drop set jewelry, but no other set items ( Exact chance unknown/unknowable.


Also note:

  • I'm unfamiliar with all the "trash" non-set items that can be looted. Is there one non-set trash piece for every item type? Figuring this out would increase accuracy of chest calculations.
  • Since we can wear two rings, does the game double the chance at getting a ring from 8.3% to 16.6%? Feels unlikely, but is ultimately unknown.
  • The Treasure Hunter passive (acquired after putting 75 CP into The Shadow constellation) may or may not help. Unknown.
  • It seems likely that there is zero drop chance difference between Veteran and Normal modes of the same dungeon. In other words, you have an equal chance at getting a desired item in Veteran or Normal. However, chest loot is always better in Veteran dungeons – I see less "trash" non-set items in chests, which means with regard to CHESTS ONLY, running Vet might be very slightly better. Unconfirmed/anecdotal evidence.

Tips for farming dungeon loot:

  • Loot EVERY chest! Weapons and jewelry can also be found within them, not just from the last boss. Learn/track chest locations in dungeons with addons like HarvestMap or Map Pins.
  • See what other people are looting with addons like Wish List (instant notification) and Loot Log (type /ll to see log of all looted items, and optionally only show items you haven't collected yet). Ask nicely for it! Offering gold might sweeten the deal.
  • Don't solo! You plus three other players increases your chances of getting an item (so long as you ask nicely for it and they don't need it). Going with guildmates that are all farming the same item for you is best-case.
  • …or, solo with style! Using a specific gear-farming build such as Alcast's Speedy G, you can stealth-loot a few dungeon chests near the entrances in both Veteran and Normal modes (each mode will reset after leaving it for 5 minutes). Most dungeons have doors that only open after bosses have been killed so not all chests are available this way.

(Let me know if any of my math is inaccurate)

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