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Unofficial ESO Twitch Drops FAQ

TheElderScrolls2 - Unofficial ESO Twitch Drops FAQ

Twitch Drops are now active for both PC and console players! Here's
57159 - Unofficial ESO Twitch Drops FAQ

some information on how to link your accounts.


Twitch Drops only drop Ouroboros Crates. These crates almost always drop consumables (potions, poisons, Riding Skill books). There is an extremely small chance to get a Scarlet Senche mount or pet. The Ourobos Crates never contain seasonal Crown Crate items.


You need to watch a Twitch stream that has drops enabled.
The stream will tell you if drops are enabled. EDIT: This may only work for the desktop site. If you are using a different way to watch Twitch, double-check the ESO Stream Team page to make sure you are watching a stream that actually has drops.

  • Most of the year, drops are not enabled on any channel
  • For certain events, drops will be enabled on ESO Stream Team channels
  • In rare events, drops become enabled on all channels of anyone streaming ESO.

Anyone can put !drops in their title. That doesn't mean they have drops.


  • Need to follow, talk in the chat, or use a command to get your drops
  • Actually have to watch the stream. You can leave the channel up and go to sleep, work, etc, as long as it plays.
  • Receive crates instantly! You will get an email notification the next day about your crates. The email will say "A code has been applied to your account." The crates are available from Pacrooti after you receive the email. Check your spam folder or check your Pacrooti.
  • Have the ability to trade or sell your Crates. Either use the items or turn them into gems. You can save up your gems to buy things from the seasonal Crown Crates.
  • Need ESO+ to get drops.


  • Need to have the stream up and unmuted for 10-15 minutes. Some say 10, I always do 15. If you pop in for 30 seconds, you don't register as a viewer. If you mute the stream itself, you don't register as a viewer. You can mute the browser if you really don't want to listen. EDIT: Some people have said they have gotten crates while muting the stream video player. I still recommend muting the browser or not muting it at all to be sure you register as a viewer.
  • Need to watch while logged into the account linked to your ESO account
  • Have a chance to get drops if you are watching on mobile
  • Have to be a bit lucky. You can watch a stream for 2 hours and get 2 crates. Or you could get 0. Both have happened to me in the past few months.

I think this covers all the FAQ! Let me know if there's anything I missed.

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