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Unplayabble cards: An analysis and discussion

TheElderScrolls15 - Unplayabble cards: An analysis and discussion

So after reading a comment and having a very small discussion about adoring fan I got a thought, what classifies an unplayable card. I came to the conclusion that there are 4 main categories and for a card to classify as unplayable it has to fit into none of these 4 categories.

There will be a TLDR at the bottom

The first category I thought of was competitive viability. I'm basing this off of rank 5 and above. This category is a lot simpler to explain. Would you want this in your deck to increase your odds at victory. These cards don't have to be the best cards possible but still cards you would play.

The second category is obviously the memes. Can you use this in any wacky, funny ways or to support said wacky, funny ways of other cards. While adoring fan may suck it interacts with ruby throne and mecinar quite nicely. Spiny haj mota is a deck of it's own

The third category is arena. Arena is a bit of a harder one to describe, especially as someone who doesn't touch arena much but I'll do my best. The question itself is simple. Is this good in Arena, and how often can I draft it. Cards that build up good early pressure or generate simple value can be very useful in Arena, but you also have to take into consideration it's rarity. Cards like sentinels battlemace may be great in Arena but it's an epic so it's harder to get a hold of. Rarity doesn't need to be taken into consideration much unless power creep is occurring For a deeper explanation about playability and strength in Arena I suggest referring to WhiteBear84 's comment as he outlines some great points about picking the draft and how useful cards can be


The fourth and least important category is theme. I have a friend which likes to have a theme behind some of his decks. Like daedra and dragons. The main question behind theme is " is this card viable if I had to play it's tribal class"

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With those 4 categories we can start thinking of which cards are actually unplayable but before we do I would like to specify for this topic I will act as if everyone has access to all story campaign and 1500 coin card expansions to keep things from getting confusing.

Now onto the actually topic of cards that are useless. The first card I would like to throw up is ash servant. It's rarer than icy shambles to it's already powercreeped in Arena. In constructed just run icy shambles instead. It has no meme potential and there is no real ash themed deck to make and even if there was this wouldn't be in there due to lack of power

If you can think of other unplayable cards do comment but please no default text cards, I've specifically excluded these for obvious reasons. Otherwise all comments are up for debate. Eventually I'll make another post based on the list gathered of unplayable cards

TLDR. For a card to be unplayable it has to he useless in 1. Constructed 2. Memes 3. Arena 4. Thematic decks. Feel free to comment with other cards you think are unplayable but please no default text cards. All comments are up for debate

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