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Unpopular opinion: I think ESO has the only good take on magic.

TheElderScrolls14 - Unpopular opinion: I think ESO has the only good take on magic.

First of all, i'm not that big of an ESO fan myself. I played it back in the day when it came out, and i was disappointed that it wasn't an online skyrim. I personally prefer the original elder scrolls series, but every game has it's strengths and weaknesses, so here's my opinion:

In morrowind, oblivion and skyrim spells were always a more or less useless mechanic. There are a few good ones of course, i liked the icarian flight in morrowind, water walking in oblivion, two or three shouts in skyrim. But actually useful ones were extremely rare.

There's not much to say about restoration spells in all 3 games. I actually used them a lot just to save potions and they were life-saving many times. But they weren't really unique, and you'll always stay on the one restoration spell that has the best mana/health ratio The other schools of magic were even worse. Conjuration was pretty much useless since all it did was waste your mana for a weak creature that will not serve as a companion since it only lasts for a minute before it automatically dissolves. The destruction spells could've been great mechanics but while you found new weapons as you progressed, the stats for destruction just stayed the same and became way to weak at a certain level. There are the high-level spells but they use up all your mana at once, which makes no sense for me. I think your levelling should be rewarded with a more powerful spell that costs the same amount of mana. And then there were the weird ones, illusion and alteration. I can't think of a situation where it ever really made sense to use them. I think they're only for messing around when playing just for fun. Even dragon shouts in skyrim couldn't solve that problem. I only ever used ice form, slow time and dragon rend. The rest were either quest specific, or a complete joke. Like, why did the greybeards even teach me whirlwindsprint?


Now to ESO: I haven't played the game as much as the other games, but the magic system had me hooked in the first few minutes. The fact that there's a wide variety of spells that are all unique and useful in combat, that there's a skill bar for every single spell and you can upgrade and even transform most of them, that you have multiple spells always ready and don't need to equip them first, is putting other elder scrolls games to shame. ESO showed that MMO mechanics can make sense in elder scrolls games, and that the magic system is maybe the only working one.

I hope BGS overthink spells for TES6, and come up with a solution to make spells an actual thing alongside weapons, make them useful but not too overpowered, and make them vary but still unique. I'm NOT saying they should switch to an ESO/MMO mechanic, but maybe get some inspiration.

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