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Unpopular opinion: Ulfric is right to rebel… let me explain.

TheElderScrolls13 - Unpopular opinion: Ulfric is right to rebel... let me explain.

As I have seen throughout my time in the tes community Ulfric is mostly hated and people usually side with the empire. I have played all the tes games (except for the travels stuff and arena) and Ulfric is the least racist character to be called a racist, simply not caring for different races is no racism. People usually say that he started a civil war for no reason and thus caused a lot of deaths and divided the empire. Yes war is bad and he did cause a lot of deaths but the empire has done nothing for the people of skyrim in the 4th era except for sending the nords to their deaths for a hopeless war effort. Skyrim did a lot for the empire though they even gave an huge island to their ancient enemy and excepted countless refugees when the empire abandoned morrowind. Some legates and high ranking legionnaires conflict among themselves about skyrims place in the empire, some say skyrim needs the empire for protection while the others say the empire needs skyrim for possible future wars. But skyrim by itself is more than sufficient to protect itself. We can see this if we side with the stormcloaks, they rid skyrim of the legion yet they position enough guards at every city for defenses, they don’t need a foreign power to defend them. And they don’t have to worry about the aldmeri dominion as they have no business in skyrim except for making sure the white-gold concordat is followed, so they claim. Some say Ulfric is nothing but a puppet of thalmor but it is never said that the thalmor want Ulfric to win they simply want the civil war to continue to drain the recources and the manpower of the empire. A stormcloak victory would prove fatal to the dominion as they would be facing 3 different governments, economies, and more nationalistic and battle ready men. The empire would be better off abandoning skyrim and focusing more on cyrodill and highrock as well as a future 2nd great war. But the empire’s stubborn “keep the empire alive no matter what cost” politics will be their own undoing, they sacrificed too much (their god, their culture, one of their most loyal and prosperous regions (hammerfell), their honor, their honesty, their dignity, their people ect.). And they still keep sacrificing lives for a lost cause, they’re supporting a civil war that puts brother against brother, general tulius was sent to end the civil war by force not by peace but it never occurred to the empire that maybe the nords can govern themselves and they should be left alone, it is evidently obvious that the empire doesn’t care about anything but itself. People still judge Ulfric for sending people to their deaths for something he belives in (a free skyrim) but nobody is talking about the empire sending people to their deaths for some cause already lost (a united empire). They lost this cause when they abandoned hammerfell, hammerfell has been fairing much better since then, who are we to say they won’t abandon skyrim in a second great war. Waiting for the downvotes and “angry racist farmer” comments. All hail Ulfric the true high king.


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