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Updating a vanilla Standard Edition

TheElderScrolls8 - Updating a vanilla Standard Edition

I'll go ahead and put a disclaimer here to inform that this is mostly a vent thread. I realized as I decided to make a post that it would be. My apologies for those who dislike these sorts of threads. /:

I should point out that this is for the PC.

Little bit of back info, I played in the beta for ESO back in 2014, did the welcome back thing in 2015, then proceeded to purchase the game upon release for $59.99 along with a crown pack for $7.99 shortly after the welcome back event. I didn't have time to play much then due to life happening (ship was going underway a lot, doing workups and the like) and that was also when the sub was required. Sometime around the end of 2017 I tried the game again but didn't have anyone to play with so I didn't play for long. This all explains why my game is incredibly vanilla.

Now on to the fuss. I started playing again and my fiance decided he wanted to play too. Since he didn't have the game already he bought himself a copy for $19.99 and downloaded it. I know when the game went F2P that chapters had been released and the older they get they end up as DLC. He bought the most Standard Edition that is currently available to make sure we want to get sucked into the game before signing up for ESO+. Much to my delight and dismay his version came with Morrowind and the Warden class. I say it in this way because I adore Morrowind (the OG on Xbox was my first ES I played back in 2000-and-whatever) and think it's fucking awesome you can get the base game with it and the Warden for $20. My dismay is because from my research in order for MY game to have both of those I either have to buy them separate from the crown store which ends up being 5,000 crowns (the 5,500 crown pack is $39.99, so yeah, math) or to sign up for ESO+ and they only be available while the subscription is active, therefor not permanent.


During my scouring I also came across this detailing that those of us who have the first Standard Edition were previously blocked from upgrading but that the block was removed. This is not the case with my account so I sent a ticket in with this information as well. I was able to find a site that sells game keys for a decent price that I think might work as a last ditch (okay really the last ditch would be to buy the $20 game and lose my current account to oblivion ((s-see what I did there? @[email protected])) but look at the TL;DR).

TL;DR I feel that those of us who have the first Standard Edition with not chapters or DLC should have a free upgrade to the current Standard Edition (containing Morrowind and Warden class) considering that when the first version was bought it was $60 compared to the $20 it is now. Yes, I want a free upgrade. Or at least upgrade it for $5, that'd be fair-ish. /endfuss

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