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Upgrading to Greymoor from Summerset, Elsweyr Not Included

TheElderScrolls9 - Upgrading to Greymoor from Summerset, Elsweyr Not Included

My wife and I decided to upgrade our accounts to prepare for the upcoming Greymoor chapter and with the intention of mucking about in Elsweyr while waiting. So I went to the ESO store, and was presented with a screen that said "Choose your edition:" with a separate option for New Players: Standard or Collector's Edition, and below that, Existing Players: Standard or Collector's Edition Upgrade.

Logically, my brain said "Existing Player: Standard Upgrade" due to the fact that I'm an existing player and I only wanted the standard version rather than the Collector's Edition.

$40 later on each of our accounts, we realize the game is still trying to get us to buy Elsweyr. I went into our accounts and we are both listed as "THE ELDER SCROLLS® ONLINE: GREYMOOR™ DIGITAL STANDARD EDITION."

After some digging and poking, I realize that this is not what I bought. I bought the "Greymoor Digital Upgrade", for $40, which DOES NOT include the Elsweyr content, whereas "Greymoor Digital Standard Edition", for $60, (the one I would have been prompted to buy by clicking on the option next to "New Players", as well as the one that my account page says I have) does.


So we decided to try to get refunds for the $40 "upgrades" in order to just go ahead and buy the $60 "New Players" full version. Clicked Support > Submit A Ticket > Billing > Windows > I have a game purchase issue > Refund Request. Wants me to log in. Type in ID and password. Click Log In button. Page does nothing. For shits and giggles, I clicked on the Create Account button. Went straight to my account page where it still lists me as having "Digital Standard Edition."

So I can't submit a ticket to get a refund on what was presented to me as what I should have gotten, I can't post for help on their official forum because I can't create an account without an invitation, apparently, my account page says I have something I don't which I WOULD HAVE if not presented with the "New Players" vs "Existing Players" page, and I'm getting kind of irked about the situation.

So here's this in the hopes that maybe someone can hook me up with some knowledge or advice or reassurance of some kind that the situation will be able to be resolved in a reasonable time frame and also in the hopes that somebody might also see this and not get misdirected by the "New Players" vs "Existing Players" bullshit options.


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