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Useless fact: On announcement there was a way to figure out remaining oathmen’s allegiance.

TheElderScrolls6 - Useless fact: On announcement there was a way to figure out remaining oathmen's allegiance.

i was bored, so i made myself a puzzle. Can I figure out other oathmen by just having houses and Dominion Oathman known?

The answer is yes.

I'll simplify this by coding the attributes the easiest way possible – first letter of their color. So Strength is R, Intelligence is B, Willpower is Y, Agility is G and Endurance is P. On top of that, the attribute of the card itself will be bold and put in the middle. So, for example, B R G is Dagoth Oathman.

Our known oathmen are as follows:

  • B R G – Dagoth
  • Y B P – Tribunal
  • R Y G – Hlaalu
  • B G P – Telvanni
  • R P Y – Redoran

And for the sake of this example

  • B G Y – Dominion.

The newest oathman is an oddity, because you'd expect the oathman to cover the other two colors, but due to the way initial oathmen were made, it's impossible to make it so that across two oathmen all secondary colors are covered.

Therefore, there will be situations where one class' oathman is in a singular color. There will also be situations where this is not the case. Even with this one new oathman we can see this – Assassin's oathmen are both in Agility, but Monk's belong to two separate attributes.

With this in mind, let's look at Intelligence oathman. We know it cannot proc on Willpower card on board, which leaves us with three possibilities:

  • R B G,
  • R B P,
  • G B P.

Two of these combinations, first one and last one, already exist as Dagoth and Telvanni respectively, therefore Intelligence oathman is in fact a Daggerfall Oathman.


Now let's move on to Willpower oathman. Because Monk already has two oathmen, we can exclude Agility as a possible secondary attribute, leaving us with:

  • R Y B,
  • R Y P,
  • B Y P.

Again, two of these already have their oathman, Redoran and Tribunal respectively, therefore our only option is Guildsworn Oathman.

Following this trail of logic, doing these steps ourselves, we can figure out that Endurance oathman belongs to Empire and Strength oathman belongs to Ebonheart.

Follow-up to the statement just before the spoilers – if we were to start with no oathmen at all, you could make it so that there's 2 oathmen per attribute, one from houses and the other from alliances, that together cover all of the classes with this attribute (so there's a strength oathman that is activated by intelligence and agility cards and another one activated by willpower and endurance, for example). You can do this puzzle by yourself if you feel like it, so i'll just hide it in spoilers as well:


  • G R Y – Hlaalu
  • G B P – Telvanni
  • R Y P – Redoran
  • R G B – Dagoth
  • B P Y – Tribunal


  • B R P – Daggerfall
  • R B Y – Guildsworn
  • B Y G – Dominion
  • P G Y – Empire
  • R P G – Ebonheart

Not a single Oathman would stay in its current attribute!

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