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Using a guild for dedicated pve to avoid LFG? Rant/Question

TheElderScrolls8 - Using a guild for dedicated pve to avoid LFG? Rant/Question

EDIT: I'm on PC. Thanks so much to everyone for the replies so far!

So I don't fully get guilds in this game. Having 3 at once and they're primarily "trade guilds" so you can get access to a shared guild marketplace or something. Whatever.

Are there guilds out there that use their guild in more of a traditional sense that I'm used to from other MMOs? A place for like minded players that want progress through harder pve content to form groups and generally avoid the LFG system?

Now for the rant part – and despite how it may be interpreted I'm not an elitist butt hole, promise. TLDR at the bottom.

I'm new and still learning and am by no means an ESO expert by any stretch, but I do have a lot of higher end progression level raiding xp in various other mmos. I've spent time raiding with and even raid leading for a server 1st guild for a few years in another game.

Now in ESO I'm doing pledges and DLC dungeons (not up to vet yet) and I'm finding the general LFG population is… not the best. Now, I'm not trying to be a dbag or call people trash, look we're all learning including myself. I'm beyond patient with everyone and I do not berate or harass anyone in chat regardless of their performance, because honestly that doesn't help anyone improve nor make a bad situation any better. I do my best to calmly explain mechanics and after 1-2 wipes if I myself haven't personally figured out the mechanics yet I will tab out and quickly to look up the fight on the wiki then offer to paste the fight info into group chat for anyone that would like. In my opinion, ESO does a pretty great job of telegraphing things and in some cases with the DLC dungeons literally having an NPC shouting the mechanics at you "ADVENTURER GET BEHIND THAT PILLAR HE'S CHARGING A POWERFUL ATTACK!". This doesn't seem to help though. Even high CP players that, from a new players perspective, theoretically have a lot of time dumped into the game seem to be lacking basic situational awareness and have little comprehension of overall mechanics.


Even after the mechanics have been fully explained in detail and they say they understand, they often don't execute them properly. So I see many poorly timed blocks, failed interrupts, not moving out of stuff, adds not being dealt with (assuming the wiki strat doesn't say "ignore adds burn boss") and people generally not taking simple steps to avoid 1 shots and group wipes.

I'm getting increasingly more frustrated with the situation. The guilds that I'm part of – all were just random invites while i was running through a town that i accepted- either aren't interested in forming guild groups or are comprised of the members with a skill set on par with the people I'd get in LFG anyway.

TLDR: LFG for higher level dungeons/DLC is frustrating and often puts together groups that can't complete the dungeon. Are there dedicated PVE guilds with skilled players that I can look to join and if so, what's the best method to finding them? (Official forums, zone chat requests (lol), 3rd party forum/site, reddit)? Please help before i pull what little is left of my hair out.

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