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So I just started getting back into ESO about a month ago. Never got to play Necromancer, and I heard that Vampires got a huge rework. I figured I'd try playing both together, since it seems pretty synergistic (character wise, and I figured ability wise too, with Undead Confederate making up for the nerf to ability costs I'd heard about).

Needless to say, I'm super disappointed in the rework, from what I've played so far. There are things in it that seem to synergize well-ish (blood frenzy + blood for blood + extra DPS on low life), but it just doesn’t seem to come together well at all. Plus, with it being the (sort of) magicka version of Werewolf, it seems catered almost entirely to melee/stam players. And it has no gap closer, or anything of the sort.

That all being said, I figured it would be fun if we could try to come up with ways we'd all like to see a re-rework done if/when ZOS decides to tackle it. Hell, maybe we could give them some ideas. I'll go first. While I won’t claim these will be super well balanced (armchair dev. here), they’re more ideas for the direction the class could go (hence why no specific numbers).

1.) Vampire Subclasses: Instead of one vampire class, have two. When completing the quest (after being bitten), you choose between two versions/ascensions of Vampirism. Let's call them "Fury" and "Storm" for now since I'm not the best at names.

2.) Passive Abilities: All vampire passives will be subclass agnostic, so no worries about that making one form significantly stronger than the other. Ideally, I’d keep them like what they are now, so that Vampirism is more of a choice than a necessity for some builds. Also, I'd probably re-reverse stage stats and progression. Feeding would make you weaker but healthier, while starving would make you stronger and frailer. It's mostly a RP/Lore thing, but still.

3.) The Fury: A Hunter Archetype

ULT: Bloodfiend– Transform into a strong and wingless Vampire Lord, boosting health and stamina (NO base lifesteal), and granting increased ability dmg

-M1: Stage 5 Bloodfiend (Same), also negates the negatives of Frenzy
-M2: Grants lifesteal on all ability use, all damage poisons

Eviscerate– Attack with your claws at melee range.

-M1: Increased damage the lower your health is, causes poison DOT
-M2: Increased damage the higher your health, heals over time

-Combo: Activates after 2 regular casts, always Crits.


Frenzy– Increase damage and enable combo version of Eviscerate. Lowers defenses and increases ability cost.

-M1: Increased attack/cast speed
-M2: increased crit dmg, costs health

Pounce– Leap to an enemy, knocking them off balance

-M1: Pins the enemy, immobilizing them
-M2: Doesn't need a target, speed bonus after cast (stacks)

Fade– Become ethereal/invisible momentarily (escapes snares/roots)

-M1: Increased MS while affected (stacks)
-M2: Increased dmg on first hit exiting invis (stacks)

Scream– Stun enemies in an AOE around you
-M1: Lower defenses of those hit
-M2: Turns into a cone AOE with more range; causes dmg along with base Stun

4.) The Storm: The Mage archetype of Vamps
ULT: Scion– Transform into a winged Vampire Lord, increasing health and magicka (NO base LS), and granting increased ability range/AOE

-M1: Stage 5 Scion (Same), also increases AOE

-M2: Grants lifesteal on all ability use, increased duration

Drain– Absorb enemies life force to fuel your own abilities (Grants Blood Lance after multicast)

-M1: Multi-Target, Restores more health and powers up blood lance faster
-M2: Heal over time, damage redirection, gain Ult after linked enemy dies

Blood Bolt– Shoot bolts of condensed blood at enemies, dealing DOT before detonating

-M1: Stack bolts for increased AOE & Dmg.
-M2: Bolts slow movement speed for their duration
-Blood Lance: Regular Proj., always crits (in addition to morphed ability)

Bat Frenzy– Cast a swarm of carnivorous bats at the targeted location, dealing DOT

-M1: Longer duration, becomes an Aura that heals based on dmg
-M2: Larger AOE, bats cause disorient on hit (disorient CAN refresh while in AOE)

Bat Swarm– Transform into a swarm of bats, flying forward and through enemies. Enemies hit take damage

-M1: Dmg increase after casting, scales with number of enemies hit (cannot be less than 0)
-M2: Enemies passed through are made Vulnerable

Mesmerize– Stun enemies in a cone

-M1: Root enemies hit by stun after it wears off (almost same)
-M2: Slightly reduced AOE stun in 360° (same)

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