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Versus Arena has some… issues at the moment

TheElderScrolls12 - Versus Arena has some... issues at the moment

I am consistently getting glitches- and I think my opponents are having the same issue, since I've gotten a few insta-concedes- where I cannot do anything except concede, then exit the game, then rejoin. Otherwise it simply shows a blank arena. This counts as a loss against me. It feels really bad to draft a deck and then have an auto-loss assigned to you by the game bugging out. This has been going on for awhile, haven't heard anything back on any support tickets. So that's the technical side of things.

Then we have a couple cards, one which I am going to argue should 100% be removed and one which people are probably going to call me completely nuts, but I think it should also be removed as it removes the spirit of why you do Arena. (I understand, from a purely for-fun standpoint, the second card is fine.)

  1. Soul Shred: How on earth this card was printed in the first place is beyond me. It is the epitome of anti-fun and it does little to actually help you win a game you weren't likely already going to win in constructed. In Arena however, holy shit. Banishing 40-50% of my opponents deck is OP as shit. It still probably doesn't help you win too many games you otherwise would have lost, but given Arena cannot afford to run too many late-game creatures/win-cons, if it happens to hit all of yours you are simply SOL. This card should absolutely be banned from Arena. And from ES: Legends as a whole, tbh. Screw this card.
  2. Gates of Madness. I know this is a sheer meme card in constructed play, and I'm not saying it's ridiculously broken in Arena either, though I do think its very good. My last game I beat someone running it. However, two things: A: When everyone is playing drafted cards anyway, having all your cards be random ones is far less punishing, and likely rewarding in many cases. Plus you get a +1/+1 to all creatures and all items- which are run far more often in Arena- as well as actions costing one less. A lot of times Arena comes down to who gets the better draws as both players run low on resources- far more so than constructed- and it should be obvious why someone with GoM would have a serious advantage at that point in the game. More importantly, though: B) It, IMO, removes a great deal of the skillcap needed to get a good Arena run. Drafting a good deck is critical to success in Arena. If you hit Gates of Madness early in draft, then there goes your entire deck building plans, because all you care about is getting that bad boy out. I have less of an issue with it being overtuned for Arena- plenty of cards are overtuned for Arena- and far more of an issue with the fact that it completely negates a significant part of Arena.
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