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Versus Arena vs Solo Arena (Reward Analysis)

TheElderScrolls6 - Versus Arena vs Solo Arena (Reward Analysis)

I got bored and decided to collect some data on the reward payout for Solo Arena and the reward payout for the versus arena. Typically when someone new comes along and asks the question "which is better versus arena or solo arena?" people immediately answer that versus arena has better rewards (which it does), but on average does versus arena still outperform solo arena?

I have collected my own personal data from 10 solo arena runs (at rank 1) and compared it with the versus arena runs of a high legend arena/constructed player, theletterw (was top 10 in constructed and #11 on arena) (link located at the bottom). I collected a total of 16 runs from theletterw by rewatching his older VODs and from those 16 runs I picked the 10 best runs and compared it to my 10 solo arena runs.

The data demonstrates that after 10 solo arena runs I was able to generate on average a 155 gold profit per run (when everything is converted to a rough gold value), whereas theletterw was only able to generate 102 gold profit (math explained later). The data also demonstrates that the profitable point for solo arena is around 5 wins, whereas versus arena can be profitable only after 2 wins depending on the rewards. I would consider myself a worse arena drafter than theletterw, but I was able to maintain an 82% win rate in solo arena, whereas he maintained a 60% win rate in versus arena.

From this data I have made the following conclusions:

  1. For players that are good at arena, typically high-rank players (rank 5 and on), if profit is their main goal, solo arena is a viable alternative due to the fact that the competition is so stiff
  2. Since the rewards are so bad in versus arena that solo arena outperforms it at high rank play this encourages rank scumming. High rank players will find much more profit by staying in the lower ranks of arena to get more favorable matchups against newer players
  3. A better drafter and an overall better player than myself should easily be able to maintain an >80% win rate in solo arena – AI is dumb and can be abused. Information is also available on the various AI you face (which I did not use for my runs)
  4. Getting 9 wins in solo arena is roughly equivalent to 5 or 6 wins in versus and more easily achieved.


Pack = 100 gold

Card = Disenchanted Gem Value (Legenary = 400, Epic = 100, Rare = 20)

Gem = 1/4 Gold (400 gems = 100 gold or 1 pack)

Cards obtained from the run are converted into their disenchanted gem value and then added to the gems obtain in the run (if any) and then divided by 4 to convert it to a roughly estimated gold value.

Why 400 gems = 100 gold There wasn't any method to the madness, but I thought if I received a legendary card from my arena runs that must easily be worth 1 pack and when a legendary is disenchanted it is worth 400 gems. If anyone has any other ideas for a gem to gold ratio I would be happy to hear it.

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