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Veteran Depth of Malatar solo – All bosses – MagDK

TheElderScrolls6 - Veteran Depth of Malatar solo - All bosses - MagDK

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​ : The Scavenging Maw – Vampire stage 4 and lady mundus are recommended to reduce lots of damage, u cannot use Precognition during pin so there are only 3 methods to beat this boss during pin mechanic : + Use Whitestrake's Retribution set and shield yourself while finding the boss, u should clear those adds first so u dont take any extra dmg when being devoured. + Use Swarming Scion and Whitestrake's Retribution set, no need to shield yourself, keep running until u run out of ultimate. ( recommended ) + Use Magma Armor, when it has 5s left u have to stop and build up your ultimate by killing adds and repeat ( not recommended ) This boss will spit aoe on u, use shield and keep attacking or simply use blood mist to run, dont stand in aoe because the dmg will increase and u will die. It has 2 attacks, one is basic attack ( 1 swing ), second is bleed attack ( 2 swings ), bleed attack can be dodged but u need luck, after 2 basic attack u should dodge the third attack.

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​ : The Weeping Woman – She will throw a big ice atronach at u, this attack should be dodged or u will be killed. From time to time stone watcher will spawn, u have to kill this as soon as possible, it has heavy attack that should be dodged too and moving AoE that u should kite too or simply interupt adds. Stay out of big AoE of the boss or u will be killed.

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​ : Dark Orb – Cheese time ! Jump on the pillar and killing everything around u, this boss has 3 elementals, fire , lightning, ice. Fire sometime will throw a huge meteor at u, u should block this or u will be stunned, lightning will do dmg 3 times each around 10k hp so u should shield yourself during this or use mist form to mitigate the dmg, ice will spawn at your feet to slow and immoblize u, u can ignore this if u cheese the boss. At certain hp, main boss cannot be damaged and u have to kill those adds to be able to damage boss again. Adds will use Dawnbreakers, block this attack or u will take a lot of damage and get stunned.

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​ : King Narilmor – Surpised ! I'm so sorry i dont want to mess up with the title so this is an exceptional boss that unable to solo so i invite 3 additional dps in my guild to help me. U need around 40k AoE dps to kill this boss and his clone because clone will keep spawning. Purge is recommended for this boss when NPC is defeated when u dont heave healer. It has all elemental of previous boss that should be kited and blocked. U should gather all his clone by moving around the room with mist form so they will stack on each other and dps will do their work. This boss is DPS race !

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​ : Symphony of Blades – His basic attack will hit like 80% of your max hp or 95% on HM so lady mundus will make it easier, this boss is a mini version of ra kotu. His heavy attack must be dodged or use mist form or u will be killed. When he begins to spin, dont panic, stay close to the edge range of the spin and he wont move, if u run, his spin will run through your body and u will be killed. Decrepify mech wont happen when solo so u can ignore this. He will summon a wall of auroran that u must kill one to go through. From time to time he will summon 4 auroran of 4 elemental, u should kill the purple one that shoot lightning, other than that is fine. Meteor u can dodge, beam u can use mist form or simply block and shield yourself, ice is just a slow debuff. At 12% boss will teleport u to the void and gain back a large amount of hp and u move to excute phase. This time he will use all elemental and lots of auroran's wall will move, u should stay away from this. If u touch u will die, same mechanic in veteran hard mode Fang Lair. Repeat until the boss is dead !


Build : 1 pc armor + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + pale order ring + vMA. Lady mundus stone is recommended !

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