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Veteran Frostvault has been soloed !!! – All bosses – MagDK

TheElderScrolls10 - Veteran Frostvault has been soloed !!! - All bosses - MagDK

Before enter any bosses, i recommended using magDK and vampire stage 4 or u cant survive this dungeon without those 2. Let's begin :

: Icestalker – This boss cannot be break free by using precognition so DK is a must to survive the attack, the only way to dodge the pin mechanic is run as far as u can. The more distance away from boss, the less chance u get punch. This is the only boss i have to use steed mundus stone which increase movespeed by 15%. Try to run and jump each time he jump on u so u have a chance to push u further. Boss will continue the punch attack until u get punched. Now adds will come. The first one is spider, u can kill those with dot and continue to run. The second is wrath, these adds is very dangerous, it has 2 special attack that can knock you down, and it will follow up with the punch of the boss. Now time to use DK ultimate. The punch has a special effect, it will annihilate everything around the boss, so if u want to get punched, u want to gather all adds to him so the punch will obliterate all adds around him. Repeat until the boss is dead !

: Warlord Tzogvin – His basic attack apply bleed on u, u want to shield yourself all the time, the only attack u have to dodge is when he charge both hand on the left with glowing light, dodge this attack only or simply use mist form. After he fly up and jump back, he will have a damage shield on him, shield yourself and attack till it break to end this mechanic. At excute phase, he will charge a big AoE, make sure to stay out of it, wind will follow u, kite it around the room. The most dangerous mechanic is deadly tether, but if u solo, u can skip this mech.

: Vault Protector – The boss itself is not dangerous, but the laser and spider. At certain hp the boss will go sleep and laser will come up. If u see the laser, go to the opposite of the boss to dodge it, it will go clockwise or counterclockwise. Basically if u know the first 2 lasers, u can easily know the 2 others where it will goes. Spider will increase damage those big adds, kill spider at all costs. Or if u feel your dps too low or want to focus the boss more than adds, you can use my tatic. There are some balls that roll around the room, if u go there, u will take damage and get stunned. But if it near the adds, it will completely destroy all of it. Use it wisely. Repeat until the boss is dead.

: Rizzuk Bonechill – Easiest boss if u know what to do. U want to get away from the ice atronach all the time and ignore it. It's useless if u dont stand near it. Now the mainboss sometime will charge up his staff, u want to use crushing shock or any ability can interupt at range. This attack cannot be reduced by protective scale so interupt is a must. From time to time he will chill the room, u will be frozen but dont worry, damage is very low, the only thing u have to be careful is big wind. This AoE will stay still but u should not touch it or u will be killed.

: The Stonekeeper – U will not survive if u are not vampire stage 3, for me i use stage 4 to reduce ultimate cost. The undeath passive from vampire will help u all the time. Reduce your damage taken a lot and your shield will be much stronger if u have low health. His arm have 2 special attack, one will cut u, one will burn it, both can use blood mist to survive or u can dodge the cut one, for flame attack, i recommend u shield yourself and keep attacking the arm to heal. Once both arms is destroyed, both will summon a big add, these adds have heavy attack the u must dodge or u can use Swarm Scion to block it. Destroy adds at all cost. With Swarm Scion u are nearly immortal. Now u can damage the boss. At 55% hp, boss will maintence itself, now u have 10 seconds to gain some ultimate before another round, take your time, kill those spider. Now u will become Jerry, simply gain ultimate by presing 1, go to those shock conveyor and disable it, be careful to dodge those flame and spinner, if u die here, game over. Repeat the progress 4 times and u are back to boss. Now mechanic will be the same, use Swarm Scion when u destroy any arms. At excute phase, more thing will come, there's a spinner but this have bleed effect only and dmg is pretty low so u can just ignore it, dodge those ball moving to boss or u will be stun and there's a big aoe from boss come out, dodge and stay out of it. Meteor will fall down, stay out of it too. Repeat until the boss is dead !

After completed this dungeon, i got coldsnap axe motif, this will be my blessing motif for those who buy this. I will list it at the cost of 222.222 gold in ST Elsweyr Guild in Windhelm. If u buy this, u will be lucky as me, and ability to solo every PvE content. ^_^


Build : 1 pc armor + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + pale order ring. Lover mundus stone. Except first boss i replace armor to spell crit and lover to steed.

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