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Veteran Hard Mode Scalecaller Peak solo – All bosses – MagDK


Before enter boss fight, i recommended using DK and vampire for some mechanic.

: Rinaerus the Rancid & Orzun the Foul-Smelling – Make sure to not let them stack or they will have heavy dot aura that will destroy anything (If u want them stack, u have to use Magma Armor and at 4s left u have to leave because aura will last around 3s after leaving the area. Boss in the middle sometime will channel a big AoE, make sure to stay out it, sometime it will summon skeever and u have to interupt it by using crushing shock or u can ignore it if u play heavy attack build, it also summon a big ice spike, this time u want to hide behind the big pillar that Orzun create. Melee boss sometime will empower his hand, it will deal poison dmg, make sure to dodge it 2 times continuously every 3 stack poison or use mist form entire that time or u will be killed by dot. It also use heavy attack that u must dodge. From time to time boss will summon chasing AoE, now u must go to a moving spike, this spike will freeze u until u break free so when chasing AoE reach u, it auto break free from spike, this is the only way to survive this mech. Make sure to kill both bosses at the same time or u will die to chasing AoE or big ice spike if one of them still survive.

: Doylemish Ironheart – There are some sort of moving AoE on the ground, make sure to stay out of it or u will be killed in 1s. Now boss have some heavy attack that u must dodge. His basic attack will apply bleed, make sure to shield yourself. He will summon adds, kill them quick. Every 20% a moving ball will attack u, make sure to kite and destroy it and dont let it drain u over 2s or u will be killed, u can use mist form to avoid snare from ball.

: Matriarch Aldis – This boss has a slow animation of heavy attack, make sure to get out of it. Sometimes it will stomp, get out of it too. It also has a slow animation that create 3 shockwave, shield yourself when this happen, it deal huge damage. Sometime he will roar that fear everyone, make sure to break free immediately. If u are too far away from boss, it will jump on u, make sure to block or u will be stunned. Now every 10%, adds will spawn, make sure to kill it fast. This adds will summon geyser, make sure to jump at the last moment it trigger so u can avoid damage. When boss at 10%, it will summon 3 adds, this time u want to drop your ultimate and burst the boss quickly.

: Plague Concoctor Mortieu – Cheese time ! Run straight to the door and u can kill this boss easily, sometime a poison geyser will shoot at u, make sure to use protective scale or shield yourself to avoid it. Also at the last moment geyser done shooting, it will explode, deal 3x dmg, u better dodge it or use mist form or protective scale or u will be killed. All mechanics are skipped if u cheese !

: Zaan the Scalecaller – There are 3 things u have to be careful for this hardmode, first one is ball shooting a moving AoE, stay out of it. Second is when boss at 80%, poison from random direction will shoot AoE, it's better to stay close to the left or right, center is very big so it's impossible to dodge it in time. Third is shield charge, this attack has a desync on itself, u will be killed even u dodge it, sometimes dodge wont work, when this happen, use mist form to stay alive.

Now for the fight :

Adds will spawn every 20%, kill it as soon as possible. There are 3 ways to break free from inferno hold, first is use precognition ( best way ), second is use spike that Ice atronach drop, third is go the geyser that Leimenids drop ( both of this will cost a player but if u solo, u can use it freely ). Boss has attack that create a firewall, kite it around the room, if it stack 3-4 times, u will be killed depend on your wound. Boss also has a small AoE attack, u can easily avoid this, but if u failed, u die. At 80,60,40,20%, she will start a channel attack that deal frost damage, now 3 frozen simulacrum will spawn, kill it quickly, u have 10s to kill all 3, if u failed, u will be exploded for 999.999 damage. After killing all 3, boss will drop her shield, go to it and use synergy to protect u from poison or u can also use spike and geyser and moving AoE that ball shooting. Below 20%, boss will channel attack again every 40s so u want to kill both adds during this time to avoid any extra dmg. _____________________________________________

Build : 1 pc armor + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + vMA + pale order ring. Except last boss is 1 pc spell crit. Lover mundus is recommended.

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