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Veteran Hard Mode Unhallowed Grave duo – All bosses – MagDK x MagDen

TheElderScrolls15 - Veteran Hard Mode Unhallowed Grave duo - All bosses - MagDK x MagDen

Solo is boring now. Time to duo account ! Today I'm going to bring u the most difficult dungeon ! Hard mode Unhallowed Grave ! Go straight to

if u want to see last boss !

Because youtube description limit to 5000 words so for previous bosses, pls watch this video for full guide :

To run duo, u want to purchase this game from steam and eso main page, one will launch from steam, one will launch from eso64.exe in folder ESO. Alt tab to switch between account.


: Kjalnar Tombskald – His basic attack will hit u around 40-45k dmg for dps or 25-30k for tank. His heavy attack will hit u around 100-125k dmg for dps or 70-80k for tank. His stomp will hit u around 80-100k dmg for dps or 60-70k for tank. Big number right? Time to bring a tank with me. MagDen is ideal here, because they have minor evasion passive that reduce dmg at excute phase. My magDen must be a vampire so it will have mist form that reduce 75% dmg and this will be increase further with specific set and much much further with right skills and blood mist can trigger minor toughness. His one punch attack from ground can be ignore if u are immune to disable effect. U can control your tank when boss trying to spawn adds only. He will cast abyss that u should dodge, it deal large dmg but not oneshot, from time to time he also cast 3 spikes at your feet, get out of it immediately or it will explode and kill u. He will summon a wave of skeleton and a big skeleton. U should kill the big one, use snare or immoblize to reduce adds speed, this one have a lot of mechanic that can make my tank die about 1-2s, for small skeleton, watch them fully charged then dodge immediately ( it has a big visual effect that u can see when it is charging or not even u are not look at them so it's pretty easy to dodge it), this way u will dodge all explosion or simply use mist form during this. His stomp must be dodged, it also create a lot of knife on the ground, dont touch this or u will die or u can use mist form to clear those knife. At excute phase, he will summon behemoth, this thing has 2 mech, one is frost attack, second is flame aoe, both of them should be dodged, flame is deadly if u are in it for 1s. That's it ! difficult but simple, repeat the mech until the boss is dead.


Skill build :

MagDen : Deceptive Predator + Blue Betty + Impaling Shards + Inner Beast + Blood Mist + Eternal Guardian. One bar only, i only use blue betty + inner beast and blood mist for entire fight, first skill give minor evasion, third give 500 armor and ultimate give some afk dmg and 2% damage done. If away from main toon over 2s i will be dead so it must be quick alt tab.

MagDK :

Back bar : Molten Armaments + Elemental Blockade + Eruption + Elemental Drain + Mystic Guard. Front bar : Inner Light + Ward Ally + Blood Mist + Mystic Guard.

This is a protector skill, guard will reduce damage taken from my tank by 30%. Elemental drain help my tank gain 168 magicka/s. My tank will be one shot if i dont use guard. Because guard is true dmg, u should shield yourself all the times ( nothing can reduce this damage even resist or mist form or magma armor, if tank get hit for 10k, u will take 3k true damage, the only way to reduce dmg taken from guard is give tank more cp for more dmg reduction or shield yourself to get virtual health. Mystic Guard for safety, next time i may use Stalwart Guard if my tank get more cp. Ward ally is critical, at excute phase, even guard wont save my tank so ward is a must to shield both me and my tank.


Gear build:

MagDen : Mighty Chudan ( body ) + Alessian Order ( body) + Light of Cyrodiil ( jewelry and weapon ) . Lady mundus is recommended ( this will give u maximum resistance, 50% both spell and physical ). Mighty chudan give major resolve all the time, alessian give health recovery base on armor, cyrodiil light reduce dmg taken by 15% when channeling. This will make u nearly immortal in both PvE and PvP. For jewelry i use 3 reduce spell cost enchant with infused trait. This will make my blood mist cost 361 magicka/s and with ele drain will be 193 magicka/s and with Blue Betty (4992 magicka over 25s ) combine, my blood mist will cost 1 magicka/s only and with 7x heavy armor, i will actually GAIN magicka when using blood mist. I use Breton racial.

MagDK : 1 pc armor + noble duelist + undaunted infiltrator + vMA + pale order ring. Except last boss i use res staff front bar instead of lightning staff. Lover mundus is recommended. For last boss u can use Apprentice mundus for bigger shield from Ward Ally. Put 20 points into Bastion Champion Points will make shield much stronger.

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