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Veteran Moongrave Fane has been soloed !!! – All bosses – MagDK

TheElderScrolls9 - Veteran Moongrave Fane has been soloed !!! - All bosses - MagDK

: Risen Ruins – Simply heavy attack the red orb to the direction where the boss stay still to remove damage immunity or u can stay alive when this mechanic happen, it will actually end, at first i didnt know about the direction the blood will go before boss 4 😀

: Dro’Zakar – This boss is for DK and vampire only. U cannot survive if u are not DK and vampire. When this boss channel red orb, u need to heavy attack to interupt or simply go into blood mist. When boss have damage shield, u have to damage through shield as fast as possible, use Magma armor when the explosion trigger faster. At 35% hp, boss will have around 1m shield, the explosion's radius is very big but not global so make sure to trigger this mechanic near the door to the next boss, now use the same tatic, when your Magma armor have 2s left, use shield and mist form to run back, this way u will lose the explosion sight, now u have adds with u, build up your ultimate and use shield + mist form run back to the boss and use magma armor again. Repeat until the boss is dead !

: Kujo Kethba – Again, DK or vampire or u cant pass this boss. Protective scale is the must to reduce 50% damage of those lava or blood mist to reduce 75% damage or combine both to reduce 90% damage. When this mechanic trigger, u want to kill all adds as soon as possible or u will be overnumbered. Repeat until the boss is dead !

: Nisaazda & Grundwulf – There is spot that will make Grundwulf stand still and the ghost will die instantly. U have to heavy attack the red orb to the direction where Nisaazda is summoning.

: Grundwulf – This boss is very hard, especially if your resistance is not max. Boss will create totem and u have to hug it or shield yourself and run around to kite the boss. Boss will have bleed attack when he shout one word, u have to dodge the next attack ( not always but 90% it will happen ), if u failed to do this, u have to cleanse yourself to remove this effect, shield wont help you through this if your shield below 12k. From time to time he will shout "fus ro dah", this time u want to create a red orb and kite boss around the room and heavy attack the red orb to remove the shield from ghost. He will also summon big adds that have the same heavy attack as the boss, dodge it or use bloodmist to survive. At certain time, boss will hide behind the cube, u have to light attack it 2 times to push the cube so dragon will breath on him, if u failed to do this. He will cast a lot of red rain to u, i recommended dodge or use blood mist. Repeat until the boss is dead ! For hard mode : NO, just NO, i dont want to die 😛


Build : 1 pc armor + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + pale order ring. Lady mundus is recommended

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