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Veteran Unhallowed Grave has been soloed !!! – All bosses – MagDK

TheElderScrolls2 - Veteran Unhallowed Grave has been soloed !!! - All bosses - MagDK

Before enter any bosses fight, i recommend using vampire stage 4 for all bosses. So u wont be killed in one shot. Especially those bosses have cold effect on them, u can dodge this effect but with luck only. Your resistance must be at least 30k to fight ! Lady mundus is recommend for this dungeon ! Fight all mini bosses before main boss to have some bonus effect like spell dmg or cuttting grapping hook.

: Nabor the Forgotten – I recommend use spell wall ultimate from sword and shield skill line when he charge up his hand so all the dmg will be reflect to him or if u are DK or vampire, simply use protective scale or mist form to reduce dmg.

: Hakgrym the Howler – This boss is a nightmare to me, close to impossible to solo if not careful, his cold effect can use mist form or shield or if u are lucky, u can dodge it after the heavy attack ( but not always ). Kill 2 dogs and totem as soon as possible. Now the fun begin, when he reached 70% hp threshold, he will unleash the Abomination. This is where vampire become useful. Try to kite it at first and reduce that thing to 70% hp, after that immediately use Swarming Scion. Now u are nearly immortal because u will have a second Pale ring on u and u can block the heavy attack without any fear and your shield will have 19k virtual health. Now the totem also spawn, kill the add fast and finish the totem. After this point, repeat until phase 2 begin. This time he will transform into werewolf, dodge his charge or u will be oneshot, 2 dogs will spawn again, kill it and repeat the mechanic until the boss is dead !

: Keeper of the Kiln – This boss is pretty easy, simple dodge his heavy attack, when flame mehanic begin, use grapping hook on those platforms to see which sigils they give. Now go back to the ground or wait for the boss to pull u down so u wont lose health from fall damage. Lure the boss to the sigil and damage through his shield so he will shutdown the flame mechanic. Repeat until the boss is dead !

: Voria the Hearth-Thief – Pretty difficult if u are not vampire, the fight is very funny, u and the boss will transform together to Bone Goliath and Monstrous Creature. Let's fight like a BOSS !!! she will summon totem like the first boss, destroy it quickly. When she tries to escape, this is where u can gain some ultimate and resource before she runs away, bash her to interupt the boss, if you failed to do this, she will permanently disappeared and u cannot access the last bonus boss anymore ! Once again she will transform, if your ultimate is not ready, use mistform until she backs to normal form.

: Eternal Aegis – Very easy fight, stay where u are, dodge heavy attack, when he splits the sword to spin, this is where u can block the heavy attack. U can use Swarming Scion to completely block everything.

: Ondagore the Mad – Easiest fight, simply burn the boss and kill all adds. When mechanic begin, u have to use grapping hook on those platforms and kill range adds so u can back to ground. At 55% hp, he will summon 4 ghosts to protect him, each ghost will give him 25% dmg reduction so u need to kill 3 only. Dont kill the last one or u have to repeat all mechanic. Now just parse the boss and dodge the oneshot mechanic by hiding behind pillar. Repeat until the boss is dead !

: Voria’s Masterpiece – This fight is very hard, u have to follow mechanic very carefully, each time he summons Ooze, u have to cut them by using grapping hook through them. He will cast a big ground that will summon 3 skeletons and 1 sword warrior. Kill the warrior fast and dodge his heavy attack. Repeat until the boss is dead ! Now u got all 3 blessing, the last fight will be much easier !

: Kjalnar Tombskald – Easy if u got all blessing, hard if u dont have any, simply kill the adds that walk toward the ritual. Better kill those warrior first because it will add some difficult to the whole fight. At 50% hp, he will summon the big Skeleton. Just dodge 2 mechanic for this boss, 1 is frost breath, 2 is fire ring. Repeat until the boss is dead ! For hard mode : I dont think i have enough magicka to shield every attack. Can kite this boss but Kjalnar's effect will instantly kill me. This close to impossible to solo hard mode. Maybe i could cheese it with mist form but it will take a lot of time, i may play hard mode again soon. Stay tuned ! 🙂


Build : 1 pc armor + undaunted unweaver + undaunted infiltrator + pale order ring.

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