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Veteran Vateshran Hollows – No abilities until final boss – Trifecta

TheElderScrolls1 - Veteran Vateshran Hollows - No abilities until final boss - Trifecta

I wanted to do a clear of Vateshran using mostly light attacks, and here's what I came up with. Doing no abilities up until the final boss, and then a full ability build for the final boss due to the time constraint.

Build and Gear considerations

I went with Relequen and Pillar of Nirn in the end. I had looked through many different choices, including various combinations including Two-Fanged Snake for extra Pen, Noble Duelist for the massive light attack damage bonus, Tzogvin for a big pile of crit and minor force. I knew I would need to use the Ring of the Pale Order, which means I would either have to forego a 5-piece bonus or a monster helm set bonus.

The skills on the light attack bar are either sorceror, werewolf, or fighter's guild for the various passive bonuses they provide.

The weapon has a Health Absorb enchant for extra healing.

Champion points were a mix between light attack build and full ability build.

Different Pull Strategies

The first two Dire Wardens, if you are standing far back enough, they won't do their channeled attack, and you just burn them. Trying to avoid pulling any extra adds. On the second dire warden, I found that just pulling and burning the flappy was better in general than circle-strafing for 40 seconds around the dire warden trying not to get hit by both of them.

Zakuryn and the Abomination, I have successfully gotten the burn on them in previous attempts, but this run I didn't quite get it, because Zakuryn took a little bit too much damage and didn't shield himself quickly a second time.

Iozzuzunth the Titan, I have the titan kill any of the eyes other than Dissipation, but if Dissipation does come up like it did here, I will avoid the two eyes adjacent to it, otherwise Dissipation starts attacking and shreds my HP down quickly. The eyes spawn in pre-set locations, Dissipation always spawns at the "exit" of the Arena, Debilitation always at the entrance, Enfeeblement always on the left relative to the entrance, and Vulnerability always on the right. I do a couple upstairs phases just to manage the amount of damage coming in. It's not strictly necessary, but it adds a great deal of safety to the run.

The Brimstone Den gave me the most trouble, almost all of my deaths and failures were in the Brimstone Den, and most of them to the Warden just before the Pyrelord. Sometimes the first pull, I'd manage to only aggro the Daedroth and one other add. This attempt, I ended up pulling a lot more by accident.

The first Brimstone Warden, I will wait for the scamp to move towards the center of the path so I can safely run behind it while not aggro-ing it, because pulling that scamp also pulls another scamp and a Clannfear, which ends up eating a solid 20-30 seconds if I have to kill them. Otherwise, just circle strafe to avoid getting too many stacks of Wildfire (You can see on the game's buff tracker that I get 3-4 stacks per Breath even with circle-strafing, you get 11 if you do not avoid any of them).

The Magma Queen, I use the lava bunnyhop to get to the first island. Basically if you time your jumps well, you will take no damage from the lava. This avoids her adds really being any issue at all, and you can just burn her down.


Second Daedroth isn't a big issue.

Second Brimstone Warden was where virtually all my resets happened. Sometimes I got lucky and the Kyngald walked far enough away to not get pulled, which is what happened here. I also had Spell Resistance potions here for the first time, which helped immensely.

Pyrelord, I kill the first colossus, otherwise the adds become too much to handle. Then ignore the second colossus and burn the boss.

In Hunter's Grotto, things start off easy enough, try to avoid pulling the first two sets of adds, and kill the Troll mostly by himself. Don't get smashed. Then kill the big boar, also avoiding pulling extra adds.

The Lurcher bosses are straightforward as well, just need to stay on top of which one is vulnerable when it brings the second and third ones up. I check the start of the back room after the fight because there are four stamina fragment spawn points close by.

The ogre and his two wolves, if I don't kill the wolves, it actually becomes too much damage before I can kill the ogre, so I kill the wolves first. Similar deal with at least one of the two Terror Birds on the Haj Mota.

Minotaur is pretty straightforward, just a lot of mechanics to handle, it is a very long pull (this one was pretty quick for this build at only 7:30. I've had it take upwards of 9 minutes before if I'm dodge rolling a lot, so I tried to mostly stay away so i could just keep attacking rather than wasting precious time by dodge rolling.

Final Boss

Final boss is just a regular full ability clear. She spawns an add every 45 seconds that you're not in portals, starting at about 15 seconds into the fight. She releases a colossus every 20% of her HP (she always regenerates them every 20% when you're in the portal). I kill the Flameshaper portal last because she spawns (on a separate timer from the other adds) a Flameshaper every 45 seconds, whether you're in a portal or not, and they do not disappear like the colossi when you spawn the other portals.

This fight might be do-able with no abilities, but not currently for me in the 45 minute time constraint. The primary issue is the number of adds that spawn, and your damage is so low that you must deal with opening walls and burning down extra adds, many of which have 250k hp (and at like 18k dps max, this is quite a long time spent burning adds as she spawns them every 45 seconds). The colossi have 400k HP, so that'd be about 22 seconds each, and you'd have to kill another add after. And even doing the flameshaper portal last, because she spawns those every 45 seconds, you'd have to kill two flameshapers inside the portal (Dremora has 780k hp, takes about 43 seconds to burn just him, Flameshaper has 244k HP, another 15 seconds for that. This means another Flameshaper spawns while you're in there, another 15 seconds). So that's like 75 seconds, meaning the boss is back up to at least 75% hp, probably more. And then adds in the final phase, along with all the mechanics to avoid, walls closing in, and colossi chasing you, it would probably be too much for a low damage mostly-single-target build.

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