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Voltaic Overload – Trial trolls?

TheElderScrolls8 - Voltaic Overload - Trial trolls?

Yesterday I joined up for an nCR+3 run, this morning I joined up for an nCR+0 (farming Olorime). The nCR+3 was Discord required, the nCR+0 today we didn't make a Discord. Both were rando groups, not guildies.

But both times everything was explained just like you would do in a guild trial, and everyone was asked if they had done it before, and everyone was asked if they had any questions about the mechanics, and all questions were answered nicely and politely. There was no reason anyone should have been nervous to ask a question if they had one.

And both times, it wasn't the enemies that wiped us out. It was Voltaic Overload from people not switching bars when the big blue circle was underneath them. This is despite repeated explanations, repeated urgings to download RaidNotifier. I understand that nCR+3 can be hectic, but there isn't that much to keep track of on an nCR+0. And not just 1 wipe. Like 5+ wipes in each group before the groups started to break up. And literally all of the wipes were because people failed to adjust to a pretty simple mechanic. Big blue circle, switch bars, don't switch back for 10 seconds. Why is that so hard?


Are people trolling Cloudrest and screwing over groups? Because I don't understand it otherwise. If there is a way to fix this kind of thing, I would like to know what it is so I can implement it. I know "Do it with guildies" is the standard advice, but I've done it with guildies. Neither of these failed runs were exceptionally different than doing it with a guild. Both groups were very supportive. I honestly felt bad leaving when I left because they were so nice.

But when you repeatedly die to the same thing, and you repeatedly explain it, and it continues to happen, I don't know how long you're supposed to stick around.

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